Comforted by the Holy Spirit

We are truly comforted in our spirit when the light of truth dissipates our darkness. This is when a solution comes to mind that is not self-centered. It is when a sense of peace fills our mind when our five senses are telling us that something is wrong with, maybe, our health, our marriage, or family. Comfort always comes in the form of something different than our five senses can pick up on. It is a strong sense of confidence, a knowing deep in the soul, it is an unexplained sense of comfort that comes only from the Holy Spirit.

Amazing Power


Was just reading one of my personal testimonies I wrote down in my journal years ago, so I thought I would share it. “The power of God is so amazing! After plugging up my curling iron, I realized it had dried spray on it. So I took the corner of a wet towel and went down it to clean it and my thumb went right down on the iron. I knew I burnt it, cause it was really hurting. I immediately prayed and asked God to stop the pain, and instantly I felt the pain being pulled out of my thumb! It never did hurt at all after that even though it did have a blister. I’m convinced that if I had asked God to “heal” my thumb, I would not have even had the blister.”


There can be no victory where there is no desire for the use of the Holy Spirit’s weapons of warfare. A kind word is a weapon against rudeness, a soft answer is a weapon against anger, love is a weapon against hate and etc. It’s all in the using for the benefit of others. For every work of the flesh, there is a weapon that can defeat it. Life and peace dwell in the fruit of righteousness. If we are inspired by our five senses, which provide for and satisfy our physical bodies, we will be distracted from this life-saving fruit which heals the giver and the receiver.


God (Yahweh) knows all things, even what we need before we pray. When we seek for healing, He already knows our need. Communication between us and God builds our faith and prepares us to receive; for as our faith is so shall it be. We might not feel worthy to receive if we have not learned what he has promised us; we will not have faith to take his gift of healing. Power is in our praises! Not because it is flattering God, but because our praises till the soil of our minds so our faith can bear fruit. “Be exalted, O Lord, in your strength; we will sing and praise your might” (Psa. 21:13 NIV).

Your Splendor Is Too Bright For Me

Oh Yah, who made the sky and sea,
And everything, including me;
Oh mighty one, who reigns on high,
What need have you for such as I?

Your domain seems to be complete,
With your strength none can compete.
I see no lack in what you’ve done,
How can you need such a lowly one?

You’ve made worlds beyond my view,
Awesome is the word for you.
You listen to the prayers I pray,
Yet you’re so high, and I’m of clay.

Your throne-rights you have shared with me,
Oh mighty God, how can this be?
But I am thankful just the same,
And bend my knee to praise your name.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Yahweh’s Great Love

The love of Yah is deep and pure,
It’s greater than the vast sphere.
The carnal mind can never see,
The glory that we’re called to be.

The promise that is ours in Him,
Is far above the earthly realm.
The suffering now, will not compare,
With the glory we shall share.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Yahweh’s Abiding Love

The beauty of the vision,
The unfolding of His power,
The truth that undergirds us,
And keeps us in this hour.

The beam that lights our pathway,
The Spirit from above,
Is witness of the surety
Of Yah’s abiding love.

Mildred Eslick Garner
June 15, 1996

Yahsha Is a Shepherd

Yasha is our Shepherd;
We are His Sheep.
He is watching over us,
Even while we sleep.

He watches over us,
All through the day.
Shields us from our enemies,
And holds them all at bay.

Mildred Eslick Garner

With Wings of Faith

The eagle on the mountain top
Glides upon the breeze,
He builds his nest upon the crags,
And rules his throne with ease.

He spots his enemy afar,
And fortifies against his foe.
He soars above all other birds,
And is not prey to those below.

Come, let us be as eagle Saints,
And soar into the sky.
When we can see the mountain top,
On wings of faith, we’ll fly.

Mildred Eslick Garner
January 17, 1992

Winning Power

He calls us into battle,
And there we war with sin;
He protects us with His armor,
And gives us strength to win.
Mildred Eslick Garner