Your True Spirit

Though we have come into this world lacking both spiritual and physical maturity, our spirit is still “of” the Father. We are life-forces that are to manifest the true nature and power of our Father. The body in which we live takes on life by the very substance of the Father from which we are. Always keep in mind that you are His offspring in spite of the fact that your flesh nature drives you to be only concerned with the tangible part of you. Get acquainted with “your” true spirit, your true self; you might discover that the real you has great potential if given more attention to your Heavenly Father. Christ said that the spirit gives life while the flesh does not have the ability to give life (John 6:63). Paul reminds us, saying, “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit” (Rom. 8:5).


The Word Made Manifest

The work of Yahweh’s creating process is progressive, through six successive days of creating, proceeding through all its stages from evening to morning, from growing darkness to growing light. Never does this process change. Always from night to day, and not from day to night. Just like the natural birth of man: first the babe, then the child, and then the full-grown adult and then that adult repeating the same process so is the seed planted in the ground, later sprouting out of the ground, and growing day by day into a full-grown plant to also produce. Constantly, in every aspect of nature this process is seen.

The same is true of our spiritual growth. There was a Word (seed) planted within our mind (impregnated) so that we would mull over (till the ground), and ponder on, producing thoughts and ideas that eventually we acted upon, thus producing an image. Thus, the image produced is solely isolated or limited to the amount of knowledge and spirit we possess, so the image, or god that is seen within our mind will also have bounds and limited to our perception. And however much we can comprehend and see determines our growth and what day of the Creation we may be on. Remember, first darkness than light, or confusion than understanding.

Once that seed is planted within our mind, we till the ground and the plant begins to grow within us. Before long, we are spiritually nourished by it, thus creating a desire for more and then we dig (study, search, seek), only to plant more seed, thus repeating the same process. Every seed we allow our Creator to plant within our mind causes a reaction on our part. As long as we are digging and tilling our ground, making it fertile, the more we will produce and the more we will react.

Look who is planting the seed: we till the ground He plants the seed, thus whatever thoughts come forth we have to have wisdom (God given wisdom=hence, light) to discern a course of action. The more light (wisdom) we have, the more is seen, not only within ourselves, but also by others. This is the deciding factor of the day in which one may be.

Spiritual Eyes

Without a second miracle a person who has been blind from birth and then given sight will be confused by all the colors, shapes, and movements, they will not understand until they become familiar with it all. It is the same in the spiritual sense; when our spiritual eyes have been opened to the reality that there is spiritual understanding it doesn’t mean that there will be instant understanding of all spiritual matters, it just means that they will now learn from a greater and different view than before.

Armor of Light

When we have on the armor of righteousness, we are capable of stopping the fiery darts of our enemies. This armor may seem pretty burdensome at first, but the longer we wear it the more it becomes a part of who we are and the more comfortable we become. But always remember that we don’t fight against people, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph. 6:12). In the process, we comfort, teach and empower those in bondage to the enemy of their souls to put on the same armor and to experience the joy of their salvation.

March 3 2020

Our Spiritual Guide, Comforter, and Teacher is always working. Sometimes we are content in our spiritual darkness for lack of vision. But we can be sure that in the process of time the Light of Truth will shine in our dark places, making us uncomfortable in our lack of knowledge while revealing beautiful gifts of the Holy Spirit that quicken within us an appetite for greater truths and understanding. My appreciation to all you light-bearers that shed light in the dark places!

February 23 2020

Oftentimes our physical or spiritual sufferings are caused by our own lifestyle. Matthew 6:21 tells us, “ For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Time is like money, and we set the pattern for our lives through our investments both in the natural and the spiritual. If we are not happy in either area we might ought to look at what we have invested in. So now the prayer is, “Lord, help me see my true self.”

February 19 2020

Sometimes the Lord allows us to be in situations that are not of our own making just so we might shed light that will bring deliverance to someone. He does not always send His angels to go before us to make our way smooth, but instead we are called to be the cheerleader, the comforter, for someone else. We might be called to hold the hand of a person as the Holy Spirit guides him through a hard time. Oh, but what an honor to be trusted and used by the Holy Spirit.

Comforted by the Holy Spirit

We are truly comforted in our spirit when the light of truth dissipates our darkness. This is when a solution comes to mind that is not self-centered. It is when a sense of peace fills our mind when our five senses are telling us that something is wrong with, maybe, our health, our marriage, or family. Comfort always comes in the form of something different than our five senses can pick up on. It is a strong sense of confidence, a knowing deep in the soul, it is an unexplained sense of comfort that comes only from the Holy Spirit.

Amazing Power


Was just reading one of my personal testimonies I wrote down in my journal years ago, so I thought I would share it. “The power of God is so amazing! After plugging up my curling iron, I realized it had dried spray on it. So I took the corner of a wet towel and went down it to clean it and my thumb went right down on the iron. I knew I burnt it, cause it was really hurting. I immediately prayed and asked God to stop the pain, and instantly I felt the pain being pulled out of my thumb! It never did hurt at all after that even though it did have a blister. I’m convinced that if I had asked God to “heal” my thumb, I would not have even had the blister.”


There can be no victory where there is no desire for the use of the Holy Spirit’s weapons of warfare. A kind word is a weapon against rudeness, a soft answer is a weapon against anger, love is a weapon against hate and etc. It’s all in the using for the benefit of others. For every work of the flesh, there is a weapon that can defeat it. Life and peace dwell in the fruit of righteousness. If we are inspired by our five senses, which provide for and satisfy our physical bodies, we will be distracted from this life-saving fruit which heals the giver and the receiver.