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General Assembly of the Firstborn

Today’s actions are tomorrow’s memories. 

We are General Assembly of the Firstborn, located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas 3/4 mile south on State Line Road. It is in the northeast corner of Oklahoma on the Arkansas Oklahoma state line. We are a ministry that encourages and seeks to promote truth and righteousness. We are a body of believers striving to glorify our Creator by our lifestyles and by the Word we share. 

We are delighted you have come to visit our website, thank you. We invite you to visit our About Us page that we might share with you who we are as a Church family.

The Lord has called us to meet the spiritual needs of others by being available for one-on -one spiritual encouragement, prayer, and fellowship in Bible study. We have a very small building in which to meet these needs along with our website, We hope to be available in person for anyone who is looking for answers or encouragement in their journey into spiritual maturity. If no one is here, just call 479-228-4647 and we will set a time at your convenience. 

Throughout our writings you will often see the Hebrew name Yasha (which means Savior) in the place of Jesus and the Hebrew name Yahweh in the place of GOD. 

We pray that the anointed messages of life and restoration given by the body of Christ will inspire you, strengthen you, and bless you in your journey into spiritual maturity.

You may share our messages and testimonies freely, but we reserve the rights to the children stories by Billie Hammers and Mildred Garner and the poems, which are copyrighted.  

If you have a word of encouragement or wish to communicate with us, you may call us at 479-228-4647 central standard time between 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.   Feel free to contact Brenda Mitchell at any time.