Image Worship

Ezekiel chapter 33 explains that when the sword, that judgment which cuts away the fleshly nature, is upon the land there needs to be watchman, those who recognize the enemy and its effects, who will be bold enough to warn the people.

Those who hear the Word will save their souls, but those who do not hear will perish by the sword.  But if the watchman does not sound the warning, the blood of the people is on him— for the people will perish in their sins for lack of knowledge.

Let us examine some of the words from Galatians 5:16-21 that we might better understand what the Holy Spirit desires to deliver us from.

►  Lasciviousness, #766, wanton; lewd; lustful, wicked, worthless, base (morally low), unchaste, cheap.
►  Idolatry, #1495, image-worship, courtesy or reverence paid to worth of the imagination of the mind.  An expression of respect, the act of noticing with attention the imaginations of the mind

If one is persuaded in their mind that money is vital to their happiness, and they spend all their energy at the workplace— their workplace has then become their god— the supplier of their desires.

If one builds up in their mind the impor­tance of self-happiness, or self-satis­faction, and they spend every waking moment trying to please their five senses in that which they buy, eat, listen to, and watch and all their time is caught up in self, then self has become their god.

If one easily and quickly reaches for anger to get their point across— trusting that anger will do the job for them and win the battle, then anger has become their god. Foolishness, rudeness, smart remarks and many other works of the flesh can be put into this category appropriately.

People can also become a god: pastors, doctors, parents, and children. When a person fully depends upon a doctor, he has made the doctor his god. When a pastor is put in the place of the Heavenly Father, he has become a god.

Television, radio, or sports entertainment can be a god.  If one manages to always have some time in their day for these, but does not have time for fellowship in the Word, education, fellowship with other Christians, or in prayer, they have made worldly entertainment their god.

If one defends and justifies their right to indulge in the world when it becomes vulgar and insulting, they have put worldly entertainment before Yahweh and it has become their god.

Anything that takes our mind away from strengthening our spirit that we might show the fruit of the Spirit, can be an image which we honor as more important than Truth, Life, or Love.

►   Variance, #2054, wrangling: contention, debate, strife. To dispute angrily: brawl.
►   Emulations, #2205, heat, zeal, jealousy, as of a husband, suspiciously watchful, distrustful, intolerant of rivalry. (Pastors can get into this position.)
►  Seditions, #1370, disunion, dissension, contentious division, a point maintained in an argument.
►  Heresies, #139, disunion in a religious group caused by an opinion held in opposition to the commonly received doctrine.
►   Witchcraft, #5331, Medication (medical treatment) “pharmacy” magic (the art which is believed to produce effects by the assistance of supernatural beings or by a mastery of secret forces in nature.)

Yahweh’s power is not a secret. It is a free gift to anyone who desires to turn their attention toward righteousness.

I leave you with the words Paul used to encourage his listeners: “For I am jealous (to have warmth of feelings) over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ” (2 Corinthians 11:2).

►  Chaste = pure in thought and act, pure and simple in design and expression: not ornate (adorned elaborately: in excess.)