The Offerings of Cain and Abel

The first man “thought” he was in the image of the Father, but when he acted in his own initiative it was manifest that he was not, and he hid himself and separated himself from his Father just as sinners do today when they steal, kill, cheat, etc. But the Creator of his soul was not surprised and knew just how to work out his own will in this vessel he had created to be in His image. He had a solution for his immaturity. This thought brings us to the Lamb of our God, Yahweh, and the sacrifice of that Lamb, the atonement, and the Guide, Comforter, and Teacher.

Throughout the whole Bible we find the lamb as the representation of people and Christ as the Shepherd. In John 10:15-16, Christ said, “As the Father knows me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep. And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.”

Have you ever wondered why the “killing” of an animal as an offering unto Yahweh ever got started in the first place? It is not in the scriptures where the heavenly Father told Cain or Abel to kill any offering they brought to him. We do not read where Adam was instructed to bring an animal sacrifice unto the Father, nor do we read where Abel set his offering on fire, or where Cain set his fruit of the ground on fire.

We don’t kill the offerings that we give unto the Lord, whatever they might be. Parents dedicate, offer, or donate their children unto the Lord and they don’t feel they should kill them; instead they release their child to Him in faith. They trust in the power and love of the heavenly Father to protect, lead, guide and teach their child, and they become instruments of the Holy Spirit as they bring up their child in the ways of righteousness. If our offering is money or other items, then we release our rights to that item or to one who is led by the Holy Spirit to do as the Spirit leads.

Let’s consider the first recorded offering offered unto the Lord from Genesis chapter four. Prior to this we do not find any instructions on what or how one is to offer anything unto our heavenly Father or even if they were required to do so.

Though times are different now than they were in the time of the first family, the God Yahweh is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So then one must assume that he expected the same from the first couple as he does from any one of us today.

An offering is something that is given out of one’s own free will, so if Cain and Abel gave an offering unto the Lord, it too had to come out of their own free will. We do not burn our offerings to the Lord today). Our offerings are given from the depths of our hearts and are of a spiritual substance. We give our will, our heart, our time, and when we give our substance, it is put to good use for the sake of others. In reality, I cannot give the life of something else as a gift, for that life does not truly belong to me. I cannot take your life and present it unto the Father as my gift. All that I can give that is truly mine to give is my will, my life, mind, and my members, anything else would be taking from another life-force.

Let us consider types and shadows and see with our spiritual eyes the story of the first offering recorded. When Cain and Abel brought their offerings unto the Lord it must have been something many before them had done. Adam and Eve had many children and Cain and Abel were men at this time and each stood accountable for their own actions. This story is recorded that we might learn something of the Spirit of the true God and of the spirit of mankind.

Cain’s offering was from the earth, earthy; it was of the works of his flesh. It is the same as those today who dress up, sanctify, and glorify pagan rituals and offer them unto their heavenly Father. The Father did not accept Cain’s offering because sin was in his heart; his offering had no life substance in it, it had no value.

The Father said unto Cain, (Gen. 4:7) “If you do well, shall you not be accepted?  and if not then, sin lies at the door….”  Cain’s offering was of the lust of his own flesh, and he wanted the Father’s approval.  Many people do the same today; they want to do those things that are wrong, so they dress it up in religious attire and expect the “Holy” Spirit and Christians around them to approve.

When Abel brought his offering he came unto Yahweh with a lamb mindset, saying, here I am Father, I will trust you and I will follow you wherever you lead and I will drink of the waters you lead me to and I will eat of the pastures you take me to. Because of his lamb mindset, Yahweh, the Shepherd of his soul, accepted his offering.

In Cain, we see the lust of the flesh lashing out at the spirit of meekness, trust, and obedience. He did not want to let go of his own will, he wanted the Father to accept him under his own conditions and was upset when he didn’t. Cain destroyed the vessel (Abel) that desired to manifest righteousness, just as those in the days of Christ did when Christ came “as” a lamb, and just as sinners do today to those who follow after the ways of Righteousness. How do the unrighteous destroy those who wish to be righteous? Is it not by their enticing entertainment and ability to dress up wolves in sheep’s clothing? Is it not by ridicule and abandonment?

Could we not conclude that mankind, after the time of Cain and Abel, established from out of their carnal minds the ritual of the physical “killing” of the natural lamb as a way of ridding themselves of the symbol that was a reminder of the nature they should possess? They, in their beastly nature, were intimidated and repulsed by the nature of the lamb. Yahweh, in his infinite mercy and love, allowed mankind the freedom to function on their level and He dealt with them from the level of their understanding; working with them through their own imagination just as he does today? He reveals himself in the midst of many vain and false rituals, just as he did in the city of Nineveh. These people worshiped the false fish god, and Yahweh’s Word came out of the belly of a great fish warning them of their sins and offering them salvation.

We all will go through the fire (1 Cor. 3:13-15), yet Christians do not recognize this fire as a literal fire. Judgment and cleansing are thought of as fire (Matt. 3:11). Yahweh is said to be a consuming fire because he is able to purify us (Heb. 12:29). So, isn’t it reasonable to think that the carnal mind would connect a natural fire with offerings given unto any god since the carnal mind cannot hear, know, or understand the ways of the Holy Spirit?

The Father in his infinite mercy is the same today as He was in the days of Cain and Abel. He loves, blesses, and tolerates in patience and in hope the immature actions of His creation as they in their carnal reasoning create many false customs to offer praise unto Him. For His birth they have created a Santa, a tree, and reindeer and offer Him praise. For His death, they gather at the churches to find eggs that have been laid by a bunny. Though the Father loves all these people and blesses them, it does not make their carnal ideas a command from Him.  Man does not always do what they do in order to give honor unto the Lord, for sometimes it is because that is what society dictates that they should do as an offering unto the Lord.