Birthing the Living Word

Birthing the Living Word

After suffering for several days from three different strains of flu, almost simultaneously, I was abruptly reprimanded by an unbeliever and told that my faith was not producing results and I should turn to a better source for help. I was taken aback by the pointed remark.

I did not doubt for one moment that I trusted the right source, but I did question my testimony. I disliked appearing weak. I wanted my testimony to look better to the world than it was looking. I wanted to appropriate my healing and other outward signs of my faith, not just for my health’s sake, but to improve my testimony of the living Christ.

I wondered how much responsibility I should bare for the trials and afflictions that assail me. It was then that I was reminded how life had changed for me after I accepted the message of salvation; the over-whelming transformation that transpired after I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit was remarkable. I wondered what would be the magnitude of our change after we fully accept this Love realm revelation. This question took preeminence in my mediation, and I remained in the same frame of mind for a couple of days.

Just past midnight, on the third night, I awakened, and these thoughts were still up front in my mind. Suddenly two thoughts entered into my mind as statements; “Love suffers long” and “Love seeks not her own.” I had always thought that “seeking her own” here (1 Cor. 13:5) was referring to seeking to fulfill one’s own selfish desires. We know this is true; but when this statement came to me in a higher realm of comprehension, it took me into a deeper spiritual dimension. In this revelation, I was hearing the Spirit say something different than I had heard before.

The Spirit reminded me that I was made from earthly substance and my living temple is maintained by earthly substances. When I seek, I will naturally seek my highest scope, but it will still be of an earthly substance. For at this point in time anything my comprehension can reach for concerning myself is earthly, “. . . for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he that searches the hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of Yahweh (not according to my will),” Romans 8:26-27.

The Spirit sees and knows all things because Spirit is the reality. This being so, why should I insist on filling out the order blanks for my spiritual development with my natural understanding? The ways of the Spirit are much higher than my ways.
The word charity, in First Corinthians 13, comes from the Greek word agape and is obviously speaking of a kind of love that is pure, holy, and above human ability. Yet in this particular scripture, this love seems to be brought down to the human level, in as much as it is “her” love, not “his.” This scripture is talking about a higher love, which we can experience and express through the human (spirit) that is joined to Yahweh. This was Yahweh’s attributes brought down into the human level of experience.

I recognized the voice of the Spirit and responded, “If I am not to seek for my own, how can I let my request be known?” The answer that came was, “Seek first the Kingdom of Yahweh.” If I am seeking to be joined to Spirit, with the intentions of allowing Spirit to rule in my temple through the Spirit’s higher concept, he alone would have to become the begetter and controller of the seed thoughts that impregnate my intellect. I would need to yield to him (the Anointed, revealed Word) and seek nothing more. In doing this, I would stand by faith and allow Yahweh’s word to be glorified by satisfying all the rest of my needs, not as a reward, but because the living and abiding Spirit and the Word’s influence automatically creates a spontaneous response, which brings me into a right relationship with the positive Life-force.

The Word is living power that creates; my intellect is a recipient of that energy and power which comes from the Father to the earth through the Word, but I am not the begetter of the substance. I simply must nourish, strengthen, and spontaneously give birth to that which I have received from the Father’s wisdom. I must patiently wait, giving it time for its full development. I may ask what I will (wealth, popularity, prestige) and receive it, but if my higher will is to receive the Kingdom so that Yahweh’s will supersedes all else, I must submit myself to the Father and allow everything else to be added by him at his discretion. He must do the initiating; I must yield my intellect to the promised seed thoughts and trust him with the outcome. All initiating must come from the Truth realm, that is, the Anointed Word (Christ) if I am to unite with him. If I attempt to do the initiating, I will stumble as Eve (the mother of all living) did. Through the finished work of Christ, the intellect was submitted wholly to Spirit (Yahweh) through the crucifixion of his flesh, but we must enter into his crucifixion and resurrection by choice.

I was reminded that there is no death in the Kingdom realm. So I am no longer in bondage to death; that is, the old Adam’s carnal thinking cannot enter into the Kingdom realm. I am free from old Adam’s death. I can now bear fruit for I am joined to Spirit. The Spirit is in control, and he alone will impregnate the womb of my intellect. My natural mind is a Hagar (in bondage to Adam). It is time for Hagar to leave the house of Sarah; she cannot share the intimate secrets that are transpiring between the husband and his free wife, which is my spiritual intellect that dwells in my temple.

I must nourish the sperm of truth, which I have received from the Word and wait patiently for it to develop and come to birth without my interference. The mother must always wait for birthing time and allow it to happen naturally and spontaneously. Her job is to nourish, strengthen, and protect the seed. On the Spirit realm, we understand that Word represents seed/sperm.

We birth that which we have conceived in our intellect; that is, we act and react according to our concept of principle. When the seed (idea) is introduced and accepted, the mind becomes impregnated by that seed thought and is spontaneous at birthing. The intellect has no choice but to birth that which impregnates it. Choosing time is at the conception and definitely not at the time of birth.

We cannot plot a genuine spontaneous reaction on this realm, though I do have a choice of what I accept as truth. I am what I am and act the way I act, because I have allowed my subconscious mind to be programmed to produce my actions. The things I allow to enter my mind draw the blueprint for my outward expressions. The same is true of the new creation.
Most people’s imaginations come from a different realm. They have a right to question our conduct and ponder our actions. But what they think about us or feel we should do or not do, has absolutely no bearing on our responsibility of carrying this seed to birthing time. We have been impregnated with a Living Word. The manifestation, or birthing, of that Word now depends on the strength of our spirit to feed and nourish it. We must depend on our connection with the Spirit for our nourishment and strength. The revealed Word is the only source of nourishment available to us. The vigor and strength of the fetus is dependent upon how much spiritual food we consume. If we neglect and starve the fetus, we will abort. It is the husband that protects his pregnant wife and supplies the nourishment for her; she still has the option to accept or reject what he offers her.

I am dependent completely on the Living Word that I conceived from the Begetter of Life, which is my new husband. We, Yahweh and I, have settled down in the temple that we share to raise our family. I can allow nothing anyone says, thinks, or feels to affect my faith or actions. My objective now is to birth my children—the fruits of our love. I tune my ear to Love’s command and listen for the Spirit and Truth.

What if this does not work? You might ask. I’m sorry; that thought cannot enter my mind, because it is foreign to me. I do not hear anything except the Word; the Word of Yahweh, alone, impregnates my mind.