Born to Serve

Born To Serve

The carnal mind cannot accept the Kingdom principles Christ taught, which the law of love is, even though it has been proven that an eye for an eye does not manifest love and will not produce life. Love governs the higher or heavenly Kingdom, but there are other laws governing the lower realms.

Beasts live by the survival instinct; therefore, the law of the survival of the fittest governs that kingdom. The strong among the animal families use physical force to remove any and all threats possible.

Man is not controlled by the physically strong; he is controlled, influenced, and energized by spirit. His greatest needs are his acceptance and authority—these are never attained by physical strength alone, for they must be won by spiritual strength.

It might, sometimes, appear that a man is holding a position of authority by physical force without having first won the spirits of his subjects, which is his acceptance. But except he wins the allegiance of those he is ruling over, his victory will be short lived. For this reason we find that those who have never developed in spirit and are yet serving the beastly, or base, nature from within are easily influenced to serve those among them who are controlled by stronger demons.

To Whom Does Allegiance Go?

If we do not choose to develop and expand our spiritual insight and horizon, and are choosing rather to live under the dictates of the spirit of our first nature, those who are possessed with strong demonic powers will influence us to support and strengthen their force! For example: many bound by nicotine know and hate the evil it produces, yet they continue to freely support the tobacco industry, even though they fully comprehend the evil consequences suffered in the body while their money is used to strengthen the forces of that evil. They pay for advertisements geared to ensnare a new generation of innocent children in a money making scheme. Their children will eventually become the new supporters of the source of their children’s destruction. Thus generation follows generation to serve the lust of their base nature, and the multibillion dollar tobacco industry continues to capitalize on their weakness. The above statement is true of other forms of vice such as the alcohol and drug industry. Destructive spirits control the minds and actions of people who have not, as yet, escaped the bondage of the base desires of the carnal man.

Whether we are controlled by good or evil power depends upon our spiritual vision and values. As an example, a woman desiring expensive jewels that she cannot afford might sell her body as an instrument to satisfy the lust of some undesirable male and allow him to rule over her in exchange for the merchandise of her desires. It might appear the man was using the woman. Some would say the opposite was true, but in reality each have sold themselves to serve the spirit of lust because of misplaced values, which is the result of neglecting to develop and maintain a higher spiritual horizon (i.e. to strengthen the inner man).

Man Will Serve

We sell ourselves to serve for that which we esteem to be the most productive of happiness, but we can evaluate only that which we have vision to see; we cannot evaluate that which we do not visualize nor comprehend. If our sense of higher values have never been awakened and exercised, we can only function in the lower, or base realm; we can evaluate the things we see and feel, and nothing more. If we see only the things of the lower kingdom we will serve there. Our lives are always controlled by our sense of values, coupled with the depths of our vision. Example: before electricity was discovered, or visualized (believed in), mankind did not value it. We cannot evaluate or esteem the worth of something until we can visualize it.

Man was content with his mode of transportation until he was able to visualize a faster, more comfortable way to travel. Once the better way was developed, he willingly bowed himself to serve, or labor, to fulfill his desire for it. If it be necessary, he will labor ten days a month for it. He will serve!

We Serve Only One Master

The above statements were only used to point out that better or higher things must be discovered before they can be appreciated. We are servants before we are kings. If we do not serve in the higher ranks, we will truly serve in the lower.
The spirit of fear has many more devoted servants than does the Spirit of Truth. Many unhappy situations exist because of fear: fear of starvation, fear of loneliness, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of the devil, fear of God, fear of man, etc. People often live unhappy lives with mates they neither love nor respect because they fear to change, or attempt to improve their situation, yet they blame their victim for they imagine they are bound by them. Often fear will bind couples together, depriving them of a chance to improve their relationship, because their reason for continuing in it is based upon fear, and they have lost sight of their love.

Our vision and values are the cords that bind us. If a wife believes she cannot function alone, she may begin to compromise on important issues and sacrifice her rights on vital decisions in an attempt to maintain security; however, she cannot sacrifice her rights as a woman without developing resentment toward her husband. As the situation develops, her fear will increase. She is no more bound to her husband by love; she has become trapped by fear. If she continues to allow fear to possess her, she will begin to despise her husband while her fear binds her closer to him. If she is bound by fear, she is not free to become a love servant; she can neither love nor accept the love of her husband.

Similar situations can, and do, exist in all walks of life. People are made to slave at mills, factories, offices, homes, etc., because of the spirit which possesses them.

If we find ourselves in an unhappy situation, we need to question our reason for continuing. If we find we are bound in an unprofitable situation by fear, lust, greed, etc., we need to make confessions and ask Yahweh to deliver us. He will, if we are sincere in our request.

If we are in a bad situation and have any other motive than love for being involved, we are in bondage to a bad spirit. If we continue in our misery because of fear, we are servants of fear. Fear is opposite to faith, and all that is not of faith is sin.
“…Yasha answered them, verily, verily I say unto you; whosoever commits sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abides not in the house for ever: but the Son abides ever. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed,” John 8: 34-36.