Gird Up Your Mind

Gird Up Your Mind

Our intellect, expressions, and reactions must be brought under the control of the Spirit of Yahweh. If this is not done, we cannot act as responsible servants in the administration of the gifts and power in the government of Yahweh.

The degenerate thinking and teachings that now control the minds and actions of most of the masses, including those that have responsible positions in government and in our educational institutions in both the lower and higher levels, could be termed the silent scream, or warning—a warning that should attract the attention of every Christian in America.

The nauseating sight of these social termites, coupled with our knowledge of the present Kingdom benefits, should be more than enough to make us willing to surrender our bodies and minds to Yahweh so that he may mold and reshape us into responsible, effective, and trustworthy ministers in his kingdom.

It is common knowledge today that life and death proceed out of the (emotional center), and our present social problem deals with the emotions. It is vital that we recognize the things that work for good and the things that have an evil effect on the emotions.

Advertisements on television, radio, in newspapers, magazines, etc. make use of religion, food, sports, music, and other forms of entertainment to sap the money out of the hands of the poor and ignorant; with no regard for the consequences in later generations. In order to dupe the masses, they must manufacture methods of appealing to the emotions to awaken and excite the lust and greed of the lower nature of man.

People buy televisions for baby sitters and allow the corruption of the Hollywood degenerates to shape the minds and moral values of their offspring. Not only do they allow their children’s minds to become corrupted, but they themselves become brain washed as their lowest ebb of nature is awakened and their base appetites begins to demand satisfaction.
Television is the machinegun the adversary uses to destroy civilization, and when it is positioned in our homes our children’s minds become the targets.

Our children’s appetite for sin and excess and our inability to satisfy it has created the chaotic conditions and attitudes that have destroyed the harmony of the family unit; creating that which is termed “the generation gap.”

These schemers know that if they can excite the passions, lust, and emotions, the forces will then overpower our ability to reason. In our day, we see so little common sense used that it should be called uncommon sense.

Positioned in front of the television, we become the targets of perverted and filthy dreamers who have brought to life their unspeakable imaginations, corrupt thoughts, and daydreams. They use sex, sports, food, scenery, luxury, fashions, etc. as the medium to attract and lure their unsuspecting victims. In their scheme to arouse the appetite and desire for their product, they offer samples of corruption through technology of photography. They present all things in a more appetizing and unreal manner, from scenery to all forms of life, both human and animal, creating desires for an imaginary and unrealistic world that makes reality seem drab and uninviting. Movie actors and Hollywood stars become the parent figures and idols; while the good, but often overworked, parents are made to appear to be Mr. and Mrs. Nobody from Dumbsville. Beautiful and comfortable homes of the average American family are abased by those of the television families.

Another trap satan uses to ensnare the television victim is to set up a corrupt and adulterous scene under a favorable setting that tricks one into making judgment for and not against the wickedness of sin. Family disunion and child rebellion is made to appear amusing. Adultery and fornication are glorified. Rudeness is made to appear as a virtue, while purity and uprightness are made to appear stupid and unbecoming. Plain girls and guys are condemned for their lack of glamour, while stupidity and insanity are used for comedy, and unfaithful spouses are justified in their immorality.

These degenerate termites use not only man’s base appetites and lust to make merchandise of him, but they also work on his love and concern for family and his fellowman. Stooping still lower, they turn religion into a money-making racket.
The same filthy dreamers that make the songs that excite the passions of the lower nature for a price brazenly sings their praises to a god that they neither love nor honor. They scheme for ways to rob the churches of finances, while they lead the blinded multitudes away from the pure and Holy Spirit of Yahweh into a degenerate condition that is blindly accepted as the normal Christian behavior. They never stop to judge their conduct and actions by the principles of Christ.

Fifty years ago the average sinner had higher moral values and a much more godly appearance than most Christians do today.

Prophecy came forth a few decades ago warning that a move was being developed that would beam in on the churches to corrupt and defile those who where dedicated and moving in Yahweh.

In the 1950’s, we witnessed a mighty move of the spirit and Yahweh moved across this nation with power and miracles. Today, many who witnessed that move and were blessed and changed by it, are now accepting the moral standards of Hollywood’s degenerates, and their pulpits have become defiled and their churches backslid.

Demagoguery is another method that is used to stir up the feelings of the unsuspecting multitudes. This is a method of using people’s prejudices and ignorance to win their support for a common cause. The cause is then neglected by the advocator, while he gains power and recognition quickly at the expense of his victims.

No doubt the fight against the inhuman slaughter of the unborn has, by some, been used to gain the support of the thousands who are outraged by the practice. These racketeers pocket most of the donated money and do next to nothing toward solving the problem. We thank Yahweh for all those faithful crusaders who have accomplished so much for this cause. We gladly give them our support, but many who proclaim their position are only there for financial gain.

Yasha believed in moving in a positive manner. He never used people against people. He went everywhere preaching the Kingdom.