Grasping for His Unsearchable Riches

Grasping for His Unsearchable Riches

“And Yahweh said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth,” Genesis 1:26.

This scripture and others tell us that we have dominion. This does not mean that each individual, standing alone, has dominion, but rather that mankind on a whole has dominion. We each have a degree of options and each of us consciously or subconsciously affect others around us in a positive or negative sense. But creation moves forward as one, and somehow we gradually make the world better in spite of the negative forces that are always hindering. If anyone doubts that we are gradually making the world better, they have not done their genealogy line or lived on this earth seventy-seven years. Our world is fifty percent better than it was when I was a child. Things are happening all the time now that look bad to us, things that we do not understand, but we will see the reason that it was done later on.

Think of the Indians’ dilemma during the time they were attacked by the rest of the world and their lands confiscated and many were slaughtered. Also, you should research the Africans’ situation at that time. I am speaking of the awful days when people were capturing and enslaving the Africans and using them as brute beasts. Those days were dreadful, but there was one thing that could have been worse for the overall results of those people, that was for them to remain trapped for the ages in the jungle prison they were taken out of.

In their native habitat, they were raiding other tribes and killing each other. They were also making slaves of their captives. Many lives were cut short by starvation, wild beasts, voodoo, and disease. They did not have a tolerable existence. They were so unlearned they murdered their twin babies and each other, but they did not see an opportunity to improve their environment—they were without sufficient leadership.

In those days, ignorance and blind superstitions held progress at bay, even over the countries that seemed to be more enlightened. But scattered among the multitudes were many hungry hearts, men and women that saw a higher principle. These brave souls struggled against the cords that bound them; they sought the wisdom from on high.

The Lord stirred up man’s greed, and away he went to reveal to the world and himself his beastly nature. Greedy men of other nations kidnapped and made slaves of the African people. In their desire to gain more from their slaves, they taught them skills and trades and conditioned them to meet their own needs. Like Joseph of the Bible, the time came for their prison doors to open. Those same races that captured the blacks fought for their freedom and won it. How else could the African be enabled to reach the new world? They had no modern skills; all they knew was jungle life. For hundreds of years they had proved they did not have the ability to better themselves in that environment. As slaves, they were forced out of their mind-set. It looked cruel at the time, and it was horribly cruel, but look for a moment at what happened and is still happening to the offspring of the ones who were not blessed enough to become slaves. Many of them and their children die of starvation, and their lack still has them imprisoned. Now look at the offspring of the slaves. They are free, free to go to college, learn trades, educate their children, and meet their own needs. They are skilled as dignitaries, actors, sportsmen, ministers, judges, teachers, politicians, etc. They stand shoulder to shoulder with other races. What are they doing about their peers in Africa? Along with other races, they are going back as ministers, teachers, and doctors; they are teaching them how to improve their environment. Within a hundred years, the African continent will have shook loose from their bondage altogether. They are destined to become one of the leading nations of the world. But we all know that awful bloody trail they have traveled for hundreds of years. Their victory is in the works. They will triumph!

Now Yahweh is saying to the Church, “Come up higher in your concept. Stop just saying you love and start loving your fellowman. Stop killing and judging other people. Outgrow war; find a way to express love to your enemy and to the other nations.” I know it looks bad to the natural eye, but it does not look as bad as it did during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

We are in transition here in America, as surely as the African people are in a transition. They are winning their war and so are we.

It takes wisdom to trust goodness, and it takes wisdom to know goodness when we see it. The Lord never told us to praise him “for” all things; that would be really foolish. He said praise him “in” (in spite of) all things. He reveals more and more truth in every phase of mans’ existence and when evil comes, somebody will respond in a positive manner and use it as a stepping stone.

Think of your forefathers and remember some of the odd convictions they held, and then think of your own convictions now. Is there a visible improvement? Sure there is! How much? There is a tremendous difference, right? Did their actions affect you in your decision to do better? Did you use their lack as a stepping stone to reach a higher plateau of intelligence?

The Church is as primitive as Africa was, to a degree, being in bondage to the traditions of the carnal mind, which is ignorance to the truth. We eat too much, we drink unhealthy drinks, we breathe unhealthy air, and we live in a polluted environment. It kills us off one at a time. As a whole, we do not accept this. We have been given power over our body, yes, even over death. Christ said we would die in our unbelief, or ignorance, if we do not rise above it.

I do not believe the Lord wants us to accept the present status quo or to be satisfied with our present understanding. We are not satisfied; we are gradually moving upward. Not unlike the African, some of us still must die in our prison of lack. It seems we must wait until our whole Body permits us to rise above death. But someone must take hold of the truth that our Savior openly taught and turn it into a living word.

Oh, my friend, it is not written that we must wait for our brethren to catch up with us before we can go behind the veil. But who among us is strong enough to survive alone? Who can pay the price of believing all the truth? Just as they turned on Christ and the early Christian martyrs, like Stephen, even gnawing on him with their teeth before they stoned him to death, so will they turn on us.

Why were men so upset in the beginning of the Church age? Both Christ and Stephen were coming against the status quo. If you try to improve things, if you try to be different, your ignorant peers will crucify you. But their action brings with it their awakening; it turns their own conscience against them and disturbs their thoughts, forcing them to examine their own mind-set.

We, the wisest of Yahweh’s creation, once made a decision to accept slavery as an acceptable behavior, and behold, there were slaves. Then we looked at the brutality of our deeds and knew it was a manifestation of what we stood for and what we were on the inside, as a whole, and we said in our hearts, “This is not our full potential. We can do better than this.” We did, and we died by the thousands to buck against the level of intelligence that produced slavery.

Was slavery ever right? Of course it was not, just as it was evil when Joseph spent time in prison. But Joseph’s experience in Egypt brought conviction upon his brothers. Selling Joseph was not the beginning of their brutality, cruelty, and ignorance; they were enslaving other men and women continuously. Abraham had over three-hundred slaves. But with their action of selling Joseph, sin became magnified in their own eyes. Selling their innocent brother became a mirror that reflected back to them the depths of their true nature, and they said, “We are horrid, shameful creatures, we are vile men, and we can do better.” Their better does not look so good by our standards today, but it was a commendable improvement over what they were before.

Wise old King Solomon had a thousand wives (if we count his concubines as wives and I do). First Kings 11:1-3: “But king Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites of the nations concerning which Yahweh said unto the children of Israel, You shall not go in to them, neither shall they come in unto you: for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods: Solomon clave unto these in love. And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart.” Compare this man’s principles with the leaders today. The price of these wedding celebrations laid heavily upon the tax payers of Solomon’s day, not to mention his brides were chosen without their consent and they lived as prisoners the rest of their lives.

We can look at mankind’s experiences to find the wisdom of Yahweh by looking at what came out of the horrid years of reformation. Looking closely at the pages of history, we ask, “Where did the slave-holders come from? Why were they willing to forsake all and come to an untamed wilderness to face the Indians, death, and starvation?” They came out of the religious slavery of their environment. But they were far from free men. They carried the sperm of slavery within their hearts; few were willing to truly allow other men to enjoy the privilege they sought, that is, to experience freedom. Too many sought to enslave others after they came to the new land. But can you see how the nations, the Indian, and the African were all brought into that conflict to help each of them to rise above the ignorance of enslaving other men? The Bible truths reveal that we do not live above our actions.

I used to think that the dark ages were created by a few bad men ruling over good people, but the dark ages were produced by the status quo of that realm of understanding. I look at our status quo and struggle for faith to believe civilization can survive it, but we can, and we will. I say this because I have tested Yahweh’s Word and found it is true; the Word says we will, therefore we will.

I have been learning more about the potential of the human brain, and in doing so I came face to face with the knowledge that this scene is greater than we are. There is a Mastermind at work here with a master plan that is so far above the creature at this stage of learning that it is staggering. I read some of the surmising of the carnal man and am overwhelmed that mankind, as a whole, is so out of touch with reality. But we have come a long way, which makes me know Yahweh is with us and it gives me strength to go on. I am daily travailing to reach a realm of understanding that is beyond me.

I am reminded that the revelation which the minority has reached (though it is far below the fullness when spoken) falls on deaf ears ninety-five percent of the time and puts the speaker on his own little Isle of Patmos. But this is how we climb. It is a slow process. But like Edison, one man thinks and a few decades later the light comes on for the rest of the world. I hate to think of what I would be accomplishing today if Edison and his colleagues had not committed themselves to their vision. I am thankful for the thinkers of the past; without their faithfulness I would be struggling with my feather and candle.

We are growing; Yahweh is expanding our minds. He is at work here. In our ignorance to his plan, we fret, we grumble, and cry out, “…Why? Why? Why?” The truth is, because of our limited scope, we cannot identify with the greater picture. We latch on to things and people that are given to us to enjoy for a season as if they were always ours and ours alone, which is not true.

The present is mine to experience, to deal with, and to grow by. We lose sight of why we are here. This is not life; it is our journey into Life.

I do not want to ever leave this temple of flesh, but I do not want to linger on in the bondage of the status quo. If I cannot muster the faith in this body to move on into the higher realm of glory or be affective in reaching others with what I see, I do not choose to become a burden in the flesh. But the Spirit revealed that his strength under- girds us when our faith is lacking. Yahweh will become my strength if I am willing to exercise faith and commitment, but we must exercise both.

The only way faith and commitment can come into action in our life is through vision and revelation. If we do not understand who we are and something of our destiny, we cannot elevate our vision above the carnal and we see nothing to compare it with; so we will hold on with all our might.

The Church usually sees the Kingdom realm as another planet; therefore, it has been unable to condition the Christians to see any farther than the natural, or carnal, realm. They have a natural heaven with streets of gold, a river flowing, and a tree growing on each side of a river that has leaves that will heal the nations. Is that not what the Bible says? Of course it is. “Lord, give us eyes to see that we are your temples and that your throne is within us.”

Out of our innermost being flows the River of Living Water and the Kingdom of Yahweh is within us. Its substance is love, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.

Surely there is a greater glory awaiting mankind. If we can possibly glimpse a goal that will elevate our vision above the natural things around us, maybe we can stop acting like little kindergarten children that do not want to graduate to the first grade because we love our little red chair and the toy box in the corner.