Kings by Birth

Kings by Birth

Within the heart of every normal person is the desire to rule. Maybe it is not a desire to rule all things, but in most cases there certainly is a desire to have dominion and power over the evil forces that disrupt their lives and create bad situations which pollutes their personal environment. Most of us find ourselves continually battling the spiritual storms that seem to be forever sweeping our ships out on the dark and angry billows of the unknown seas of chance and uncontrolled circumstances. And it seems that one storm can hardly get past before we begin to feel the gust of ill winds from another trying to pull us under its uninvited gales.

As Spirit born children of Yahweh, it is our nature to love the good and comfortable feeling of peace and tranquility around us. Yet the problems and frustrations of those with whom we are forced to deal with somehow draws us into their chaos and confusion, which forces us to come face to face with strong and very evil demonic powers and forces that literally demand our attention and reaction. We tire of the constant struggle with these unwelcome intruders. But if we do not have the faith to accept the death of the old Adam and the resurrection of Christ (except as an historical fact) we often find that the spirits which make our lives so difficult are the one we willingly defend and serve: either because they possess someone that is dear to us or someone we depend on in the natural realm.

Yasha said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Free from what? This is the question we should ask ourselves. What was the subject when Yasha made this statement in John 8:32? The subject is made clear in verse 34, “…verily, verily, I say unto you, whosoever commits sin is the servant of sin.” Yasha knew that these people could not serve Yahweh because they were in bondage to and serving their own sinful nature. If we have spent our entire Christian life satisfying our own selfish desires or the whims of others, we are not serving Yahweh. We are serving demons.

Christians often find themselves serving a spirit of greed, lust, anger, jealousy, wrath, fear, or pride.

If we are not bearing the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-24), if we have not become endued with power from on high (Luke 24:49), if these signs do not follow us (Mark 16:17, 18), or if we are confused, frustrated, depressed, bewildered and worried, it is because we have not as yet completed our course of learning at the Savior’s feet. We have not graduated as mature disciples of Christ. “Disciples” refer to those who have been taught and are acting upon the information that they have learned—in other words, one who has been corrected.

There is no room in the house of faith or in the heart of one who has been filled with faith for depression, frustration, and fear. Yasha is the cure for all of these. If we trust him and believe he is in control of our lives, we will have faith that whatever is happening in our life is under the tender, loving care and supervision of our beloved Savior. And therefore, we will not fret or be upset.