Let Them Have Dominion

Let Them Have Dominion

How there can be so many confessing to be followers of our Lord, while his teaching and principle are so rarely accepted and practiced, is one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Especially when we consider that his teachings were not introduced as a conglomeration of vague and varied opinions and confused ideas.

Unlike world religions that slowly developed over hundreds of years, the theology of Christ was lived, practiced, and presented in a positive and clear-cut manner—not only by the founder, but by his early disciples and followers. The message was so very clear that it should confuse none. Yet, because it is so inconsistent with the laws of nature, it is very seldom accepted as it was taught by Christ.

Mankind shrinks from any suggestions that he is directly or indirectly responsible for the circumstances that defeat him. Yet if we truly believe the teaching of Yasha, we must be willing to bear the responsibility of our failure, even as we so quickly accept the credit for any success.

Accepting the man, Yasha, as a religious leader to be worshipped is one thing, but to accept his philosophy as our own life-style is quite something else.

Considering the Bible is in the majority of the homes in the United States, it is unbelievable how few really accept or understand anything of the principle our Savior died for—even among the millions that claim to be his followers.

Yasha taught that our minds can and does control our environment. This teaching is very firmly denied by the majority of the “so called” believers. Yet, the Bible clearly states, “…if you have faith (if you are truly persuaded) as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you,” Matthew 17:20.

A mustard seed is a very small seed, suggesting that the very smallest measure of faith is sufficient to remove a mountain of problems. But doubts will almost always flood the mind when problems demand our attention.

Contrary to popular opinion, true faith is not a single act. Faith is a condition of the mind. Faith is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.
If we wish to have faith, we must accept the Holy Spirit. If we do not have faith, it is evident that we are lacking in spiritual fruit bearing. If we accept the Spirit of Yahweh, the fruit of his Spirit will begin to manifest itself in our life. If we are grafted into the spiritual Tree (Christ), fruit bearing will become a natural process.