Man’s Greatest Quest Unfulfilled

Man’s Greatest Quest Unfulfilled

Man’s search for and inability to find peace and fulfillment is an ever present witness that his age-long quest for happiness and tranquility outside of the principles of Life, has rendered him very little for his strenuous efforts.

While large denominations, sects, and cults have multiplied, dotting our land with their many schools, colleges, universities, and seminars, we see crime and violence on the rampage. Our beloved country is sinking into depravity and is fast becoming sadistically immoral as it moves toward the godless heathenistic religions and theories, which defy all laws of decency and holiness.

America’s moral standard is becoming so corrupt that it is being rejected by some of the uncivilized countries of the world that know next to nothing about the power and saving blood of Yasha.

Religion, with its laws and carnal traditions, has done far more to help create the confusion that now prevails and divides the Body into bits and pieces and turns brother against brother, than it has accomplished in the restoration of the oneness in mankind, which was lost at the tower of Babel.

The declining moral standard and division, especially in the religious circles, should send all devout leaders to their knees, prayerfully seeking Yahweh for the understanding and power to mend the breech and restore the universal family of Yahweh to the oneness Christ offers. But such is not the case, many leaders not only accept division in the Body as a way of life, but create, promote, and encourage it. In fact the leaders are directly or indirectly responsible for the existing division and schism. Standing as exalted ones, they dare not turn our people’s faces toward one Lord and faith. Placing Christ on the throne as King, High Priest, and Mediator would dethrone these self-appointed spiritual dictators from their high and lofty positions.

People who are concerned about unity should search the scriptures and seek the Spirit of revelation. They should refuse to allow anyone to stand as a spiritual mediator in the place of the Spirit of Christ.

Ignorance is the force that binds the minds of the multitudes and keeps them loyal to yielding their substance to self appointed high priest who stands in the door of the Kingdom and hindering those who would come in.