Reality of the Born Again Experience

Reality of the Born-again Experience

Some modern ministers who are highly esteemed as spiritual leaders of this day are, in reality, nothing more than trained racketeers who use their talents and skills to deceive and swindle the multitudes.

Most people are unskilled in the word of Yahweh; therefore, the majority of religious people accept these ministers as their spiritual leaders—judging only by appearance and performance, failing to question the doctrine they teach and the spirit they manifest. These wolves in sheep’s clothing realize that they must reprogram the people’s concept of religion and their relationship to it before they can relieve them of their earthly possessions.

The message these wolves preach appeal to the appetite of the carnal man; therefore, it is easily accepted. When these impostors are exposed and brought to judgment, many of their victims blame Yahweh and turn their back on Him. These individuals should have taken responsibility for their own salvation, instead of depending on a person for mediatorial leadership.

Another mistake people make is attempting to serve Yahweh without having had a personal relationship with his Son, Yasha.

When we come in contact with the Spirit of Christ, we will find we are able to recognize his Spirit when it is manifest through others. But if we have only been subdued by some minister or organization with an overwhelming and aggressive religious spirit, we have nothing to help us discern the spirits of false leaders, so we blindly follow those that most appeal to our unconverted spirit. This may sound harsh to some, but nonetheless it is true.

Christ is a living being, and he has committed himself to those who earnestly seek him. He will keep his commitment to come to those who seek him. His word is alive and powerful, and he will always honor it.

Most religious people depend on a specific doctrine to take the place of a personal encounter with the founder of Christianity. This does not relieve anyone of the responsibility of seeking, nor does it justify their deception. Every soul that comes to Yahweh must personally seek, knock, and search. This is to be done independently and without the interference of others. Each individual must make contact with, and become associated personally with the Anointing.

We should not allow anyone to convince us that we have a born-again experience if we do not desire prayer, Bible reading, or Spiritual fellowship with Yahweh. If our religion takes us to church very reluctantly and does not create within us a desire to share our faith with others, we have not been born-again. If we are not compelled to worship and praise Yahweh, and if we do not have a burning desire within us to search for deeper revelation, we are in need of conversion.

If our experience has not give us compassion and a deep love for those in darkness and has not taken hate and resentment from our heart or cleansed our heart from base desires, we are victims of religious fraud and have never experienced a new birth—and if we have received the new birth we have not fanned the fire of your soul and are in a backslidden condition. If we become aware that we have never had an encounter with Christ, the Anointing, it is not too late to do so. It is not too late as long as there is breath in us, unless we have become too hardened in our spirit.

An encounter with Christ is the most rewarding of all human experiences. It is essential to true living and is not difficult to obtain. First one must be convinced that he is seeking a righteous life and not just a way of escape, seeking for acceptance, or approval. If true righteousness is the motivation, the seeker will began to experience a strong feeling of remorse for his/her, sins. There will be a heart-felt confession and plea for forgiveness. The Lord will grant the request, and the individual will experience a feeling of being clean. This is not the born-again experience—the candidate must continue to seek until Christ appears and takes control of his life. This experience will be accompanied by an extreme elated feeling of joy and energy. One will feel as if a world has been lifted off his shoulders.

If you are trying to be a Christian, but you have not experienced an encounter with Christ and have never felt the things mentioned above, I strongly urge you to cast away your religious experience and come to Christ; He will fill your heart with love and give you a sense of peace and well being that the world cannot offer. If you will do this, you will never again be victimized or discouraged by the religious racketeers.