Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

Shadows or veils are given in the Word so as not to blind those that cannot look into the full light of reality. Water baptism and communion are two such examples.

The unregenerate man does not experience communion and fellowship in the Spirit. True spiritual communion is a rewarding experience brought about through spiritual development and growth. It is the result of the cutting away of the natural, or carnal, appetites that were once governed by natural laws; which in reality creates our bondage. But through the power of the Spirit we look beyond the law, or that law written on stone, and walk in the liberty wherein Christ has made us free. It is into this same liberty that we desire to lead others, but liberty comes through the development of the spiritual man and not through doing away with the letter of the law. For this reason I cannot rip away the veil that both Yasha and the apostles left standing, less I blind and confuse some who are not spiritually developed and are unable, at their stage of growth, to look beyond the outward to spiritual reality. But those who walk in reality cannot be hindered by the needs of those younger ones who are unskilled in the Word, for strong meat chokes babes (Heb. 5:12 – 14).

From Faith to Reality

Water baptism is an act of taking hold of death and resurrection through faith in the revealed Word. This death is something of the Spirit realm, as is our Spirit-birth into sonship. The evidence of that which we have grasped by faith is a divine act of the Spirit; by obedience to the Spirit and through the power of the Word, we eventually experience the evidence of that which we are able to grasp and hold on to by faith (Rom. 6:3-6).

The reality of possessing the evidence is much greater in our outward expression than in our possession by faith. Faith is the spacecraft that transports us into the fullness of the reality. But the substance is just as real when we possess it by faith, as it will ever be.

For those who have not received their evidence, it is wonderful to be able to lay hold of those things by faith; therefore, it is not wise to remove the shadows that veil the brighter lights. But if you are able to look into the fullness of the light, do not hesitate even for a moment to walk beyond into that which has been hidden, or veiled. The way was made through the riven veil by the resurrection of Christ, or the living Word. But if you have not yet submitted to a faith-work, you have no spacecraft to lift you into the heavens; you are still earth-bound! (James 1:4).

Take notice of the development (I should say the lack of development) of some Christians who are involved in the sonship move who were ushered into, what is supposed to be instant liberty and maturity—skipping all the faith works. It is quite obvious their senses have not been exercised to discern good and evil; they have ceased to progress toward Kingdom righteousness and maturity, thus remaining babes in Christ. They are lawless and unskilled in the Word. This is easily seen as they attempt to voice deep sayings that their spirit cannot ascend to. These, so called manifested sons of God, have become both a reproach and a burden to the Body of Christ.

I do not wish to sound critical, but I am convinced that my Savior understood the meaning of spiritual baptism before he stood on the banks of the Jordan River and said, “Suffer it to be so now; for thus it becomes us to fulfill all righteousness.”
I am grateful for true growth and development, but the babes will manifest traits similar to those in the church at Corinth that caused Paul to cry out, “I have fed you with milk and not with meat, for hitherto you were not able to bear it, neither yet now are you able,” 1 Corinthians 3:2. Babes need good warm spiritual milk in order to start their proper spiritual growth (1 Pet. 2:2).

Shock treatments are being successfully used on the insane, but our infants do not need a series of shocks; they need some good old fashion spiritual milk. Yet many of the ministers in this sonship move approach the pulpit as if the bolder the shock of their revelation the more proof their spirituality is made manifest. Their philosophy is choking and destroying those who try to swallow it.

Babes must function in the physical, written Word-realm, before functioning in the Spirit-realm.

When the Word was first introduced to me, it was spiritual (Rom. 7:14), it has never changed in form, but it was lowered into the natural realm so I could comprehend a measure of it. For instance, many years before this truth penetrated into my spirit, I knew there was a God whose Son had died for my sins, and as a sinner I had need of redemption. In those days I could not, in reality, feel affection for Yahweh, for I did not know him. No rational person could love the God that I had visualized or created in my carnal reasoning of the Spirit-word. The laws that my carnal mind drew up against my spirit were not laws that I could bear; my natural reasoning had taken the law of the Spirit of Life and lowered it down into my own death-realm of understanding. “To be carnally minded is death” (Rom. 8:6).

I needed to know that I was obedient and that I loved my God, and also that the knowledge that I did not have could not condemn me to death (2 Cor. 3:6). Then the Holy Spirit introduced me to the Father, and I was instantly drawn to him, and the image I had created in my mind that produced hostility was slain and taken out of the way. But not having become fully skilled in the Word and being unable to comprehend the fullness of the Spirit-realm, I was nourished and protected by types and shadows. These were and still are my faith-works; they were and still are the substance of my faith that leads me to the evidence, which is communication with the Father in the Kingdom-realm of pure sovereign Love.

I had to love my enemies by faith until I was able to feel the evidence of that hope. I loved my God with all my heart, strength, and mind, by faith until I matured in Spirit and felt spiritual love in reality of the evidence.

I feel I loved Yahweh in the fullness of reality, while loving him by faith. While I was on the faith-realm of loving and obeying Yahweh, I was not on the realm that produced reality, and I did not grasp the full knowledge of reality. My faith sustained me and lifted me higher and higher into a greater realm of enlightenment and experience.

I need faith-works now as much as I ever did, for until faith comes and performs her perfect work, I cannot attain to the possession of the evidence. I am not on a perfected realm of spiritual comprehension; therefore, when my God comes to me, he lowers himself into my habitation in matter and allows me to communicate with him on the finite realm, or in the realm of the material, so as to lift me into his world of Spirit-reality.

The day I was water baptized I did my faith work that would process me into a reality of the evidence. I fulfilled a covenant between Yahweh and me. My part was to be baptized in my material realm of comprehension. His was to fill me with himself, which is the Spirit of Truth (1 Pet. 3:20 – 21).

I must hold on to the substance by faith until the Word creates in me the ability to comprehend, to experience, and function in full reality. For the thing I hope for will be the true evidence of my faith-works or baptism into Yasha’s death and full glory of his resurrection unto the fullness of Life and immortality. But all my works are by faith; my hope is reaching for the reality of binding into a Spirit-oneness with Christ.

When I receive the fullness of spiritual reality, it will be the evidence of the baptism into Yahweh’s glory that I received by faith when I made a covenant with Yahweh many years ago by my faith-work.

We cannot baptize an unconverted person into “the Spirit of Truth and Light,” but we can teach him/her to seek reality by the physical act of being baptized by faith—an action that will move the hand of the Father to fulfill it in him/her by the supernatural in-working of the Living Word.

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven,” Matthew 5:44 and the first of 45.