The Armor of the Lord

The Armor of the Lord

Right after the twin towers fell in 2001, our president decided to address a bad situation and put an end to terrorist attacks. One of my grandsons volunteered to stand beside him and enlisted in the Army. There seemed to be a shortage of guards—a shortage of man-power, so Bo started training to become a Military Police.

Now wouldn’t you think the Army would have appreciated Bo’s desire to help by showing him much kindness? It didn’t work that way. They shaved his head, his family was not allowed to visit him, and they hardly allowed him time to call home. He was ordered to walk over rough terrain day after day. They even got him lost in very cold weather up in the Colorado Mountains. They gassed him, sprayed his eyes with maze and planned another spraying for the future. They called it “training to face the enemy.”

When I hear these reports, something inside me— that tender grandma spirit— rises up and I hurt. I love that young man, but oh how the sensible part of me takes courage. I know those tough men at that Army base done everything they knew to help my Bo survive the enemy forces. They might have been a little tough, but Bo is walking proud. He has confidence in his ingenuity; he knows he is facing a big enemy that is not just playing war. He is convinced his enemy means business. When his day came to face them, his armor was in tact—he had the right pebbles in his slingshot. He coped with whatever came his way. He felt like a winner. He had been trained. I am proud of all our service men, and trust them to watch out for our welfare.

When I was pondering on this I thought about the Army of the Lord and wondered if they have had sufficient training. Do we teach our converts and young children how to cope when they face the big guns (the enemy)? I am convinced we do not. The Word says, “Lean not on the arm of flesh neither to your own understanding. Acknowledge him (Love) in all of your ways….”

From what I am observing, I would say most Christians do not know what leaning on the arm of flesh consist of. They do not stop to think that a medicine closet full of unnecessary drugs is leaning on the arm of flesh. I taught my children to use the minor pains and discomforts of life to prepare themselves for the big day—the day they will be forced to face the big guns.

There is a day out there in the future that each of us must come face to face with our foe. I have faced him a few times, and I will face him again. I had to face him once when I was very ignorant to the power of the Word and I paid the price. The endurable situations in life are given to us in our training season. We are all tried and tested, but Yahweh also allows us to try his Word and test its strength at will.

When my head starts to ache and fear starts knocking at my door. But the Word says, “By His stripes I am healed.” My mind says to seek help, but Yahweh’s Word says, “Lean not on the arm of flesh.” My mind says, “It is a simple thing.” Then I grab an aspirin, thinking, “The Lord expects us to take care of our self.” Most of us do this, because the signs are all there.

I am glad Yahweh loves the Church, even if she is limping around trying to excel while she leans on a crutch of flesh. But we cannot climb the mountain if we try to make it on crutches. Hey, don’t even tackle the mountain if you are depending on crutches—you can’t make it. If we make it, it will not be on merits gained; it will be on faith put into action.