The Church, The Heartbeat of America

The Church, the Heartbeat of America

The active Body of Christ, as a whole, is usually quite unaware of the important influence Christianity has on civilization. This truth, added to the persecution and ridicule they endure, sometimes puts a damper on their ability to have and maintain a high self-esteem. However, a proper self-esteem is essential, because it generates the boldness to witness effectively.

Too few sincere and dedicated Christians have a clear understanding of the important role the devout Christian plays in world stabilization and in creating the essential atmosphere to develop and maintain a healthy and prosperous civilization. Except the power and wisdom of Yahweh enables him to do so, man cannot successfully combat the satanic forces that continually assail him and undermine his feeble efforts to steer the world toward righteousness.

An earnest search through the pages of history will disclose the saving effect Christianity has had toward world civilization and development.

Few Christians are fully aware of the cost of freedom and the sacrifices that have been made by the sincere followers of Christ; neither do they comprehend the magnitude of their accomplishment. And because they do not know, nor comprehend, the importance of the living and active Church, they tend to hold themselves in extreme low esteem. Many Christians feel apologetic about their Christian principles and sometimes compromise to appease those who oppose.
We, as the living word of Truth, must show confidence in who and what we are before we can command the respect of others. Our Lord said, “You are the salt of the earth,” Matthew 5:13. And again, “Ye are the light of the world,” Matthew 5:14. This fact has been authenticated repeatedly in the past two millenniums. Yet few Christians know and accept this reality.

Israel, chosen for the purpose of living the principle of the Word, was the light and testimony in her day. History’s pages depict the dim glow of her light. In that dispensation, Israel was, as we, the Church are now, the worlds only light. Dim or dimmer, we are it for the sin infested world. Think on this!

A Christian, who fully comprehends the positive effect the Church has had in the history of world affairs and understand the mission and destination of the Church, will automatically develop a healthy respect for other Christians as a whole. He will develop a much higher respect for who and what he is and what he represents in relationship to society. He becomes aware of the need for his benevolent contribution to the world because he understands the true value of that contribution. If he understands these things, as he should, it will enable him to cope with the trials, rejection, and persecution he must experience and the burden he must bear.

The individual who fails to comprehend something of the relationship he shares in the functioning of the Body and the scope it entails, will eventually falter and fall away completely or become so ineffective that the enemy never feels his punch. Spiritual warfare is too demanding and painful for those that do not see the purpose and benefit of the sacrifices he must make. For this reason, if for no other, converts should become enlightened on this subject early on in their spiritual experience.

Christians should be encouraged to develop in character and principles and quickly learn to accept unreasonable responsibilities and to cope with unfair treatment. Even though Christianity offers its devotees a deep sense of pleasurable satisfaction and enjoyment, pleasure seekers are bound to suffer disappointments or be forced to endure a superficial experience.

If we are to stand in the fierceness of the battle, the doctrine of Christ must be allowed to permeate every fiber of our being and dictate every discussion and action. Every Christian should be taught the importance of placing his heavenly call above his earthly needs and rights. Whenever the Church becomes engaged in active warfare against the enemy forces, there will be casualties within its ranks.

The heavenly manna meets the needs and satisfies the appetites of the Spirit-born Children of Yahweh, but has almost nothing to offer the fleshly mind. If a convert has no spiritual hunger or thirst for fellowship in the Word and the Spirit, he is, in reality, unconverted and needs to be made aware that there is a rewarding experience for those that persevere until they experience the birth from above. Then fellowship can become a rewarding experience.

To become a birth-member of the household of Yahweh, one must receive his Spirit. Receiving Yahweh’s Spirit entails a great deal more than making a verbal statement of faith in a local Church; acceptance of his Spirit is, in essence, agreeing with his principle and the attributes of the Holy Spirit, desiring to be filled and dominated by them.

Many people seek Christ for the loaves and fishes, i.e. they want to live in heaven after death; they want to become a recipient of his power and glory, etc. But we do not become birth children until we become willing to allow Yahweh’s attributes to control our mind and gush out to a blind and wicked world.

The birthright of a born-again Christian is to share in all that Christ is: power, righteousness, and splendor. But the birthright is reserved for the birth children—servants receive material rewards; Yahweh’s Children receive his name and character. “But as many as received him, to them gave he the power to become the Sons of Yahweh, even to them that believe on (into) his name,” John 1:12.

Unless You Become Converted

Is there any wonder that so many of us have not arrived at our spiritual destination; considering that our natural instincts always seem to lead us in the wrong directions?

If we Christians will follow the footsteps of Yasha, he will lead us to:

  • gain, through self denial,
  • rulership, through servitude,
  • exaltation, through humility,
  • work, by entering into His rest
  • Life, through crucifixion of the same.

I sometimes wonder if we are headed in the right direction. After trying for many years to bring my body under subjection to the Holy Spirit, I have finally understood Paul’s statement, “no man can say that Yasha is Lord but by the Holy Spirit,” 1 Corinthians 12:3. I can now accept this by faith, knowing that the substance we grasp by faith does eventually become a reality. But I am also very sure now that this can only be done through the power and in-working of the Holy Spirit.

I view this promise of the kingship of my Savior as a glorious and beautiful resting place; knowing that he will fill this temple with his abundant Life, driving out every evil thought or wrong motive. But hid in the above scripture is a much greater promise, for not only has he become my Lord, but he has put every enemy under his feet and become Lord of lords and the King of kings. But no man can see this truth except by the revelation of the Holy Spirit (Heb. 2:8).