The Deadly Compromise

The Deadly Compromise

We should never appeal to man’s lower nature to persuade him to become involved in religious activities. One does not become a Christian out of a need for social entertainment and physical activities, nor can he become a Christian because he feels obligated to a friend.

The first step to becoming a Christian is to become convinced of sin by faith in Christ and his teaching and then repent or turn from our former works and habits. But one cannot do this without believing in the ability of Christ’s power to deliver. After accepting his principle and standard, we must experience his delivering power. We never just decide to stop sinning and accomplish the task unless our deliverance comes through a spiritual experience. If we live in the church continually and do not uphold the teachings of our Lord and Savior in our hour-to-hour living, we are none the better for it and the church where we attend will certainly suffer, because evil communication corrupts good manners. This is especially true of younger people.

If we invent attractive, yet carnal, entertainment to pull the children of the world into our activities, the enemy will use it to infiltrate corruption among our precious children. It is wrong to allow children to feel they are serving Yahweh because they get a high when they are being entertained by fast and loud music in the church. Salvation comes through a spiritual experience, and those that have that experience will automatically want to pray, read scriptures, and live a clean life. This comes with the package.

If a person that is habitually rebellious and disobedient in their home life responds to fast music in the church as if he or she is having a spiritual experience, when in reality the person is not drawn to righteousness, he or she desperately needs to be delivered from a spirit of deception.

Regardless of age, to experience Christ is to experience a desire for righteousness, goodness, and peace. A minister who creates brooding houses for deceptive spirits should be reprimanded, because their leadership pulls the youth away from the truth and righteousness by providing carnal entertainment through a guise of spirituality.

We believe in and stand true to Yasha’s teaching, or we do not stand at all. We love and respect his principles, or we defy his Spirit. If we are his disciples, it is because we have been or are yet being disciplined by his Spirit and word. If we have not been corrected and trained, or in the process of being trained, we cannot say that we are Yahweh’s disciples (John 8:31-32). If we do not follow Yasha’s teachings, we are not his followers.

If we modify our spiritual activities to attract the world with its standards, we do it on our own without the help of the Holy Spirit; for the Spirit of Yahweh does not seek to appeal to the flesh, nor does he satisfy its cravings.

Our prayer should be: “Father, as you, by your Spirit, loose the restraining forces that has for so long veiled man’s hidden desires and vile nature and expose mankind in his true perspective. Clothe us with your Spirit of Truth that we might not be ashamed at your appearing.

“Father, while evil aggressive spirits prevail upon us to bring us down to the level of their mentality, let us drop anchor and be steadfastly stabilized in truth by submission to the principles you taught.

“Lord, help us not only to know your principles, but strengthen us to accept and manifest them in this evil day when satan, the adversary, through the weakness of human flesh and the demands of a depraved and wicked society, seeks to force its corrupt and vile life styles and standards upon us. Help us to stand faithful in our commitment to the principles of decency and righteousness.”