The Exalted Word

The Exalted Word—How Important Is It?

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Elohiym and the Word was Elohiym, The same was in the beginning with Elohiym, All things were made by him. And without him was not anything made that was made, In him was the life, and the life was the light (enlightening) of man,” John 1:1-5.

Here the Word is exalted to the position of Creator. How is it that many are proclaiming that the Word is not important? Truth (Word) is the substance of the Father (Spirit). The Word is the only visible expression of the substance of the Father. We must not ignore this fact and try to separate the Word from Spirit.

I have often heard it said that the Spirit is more important than the Word. The Son is declared to be the Word; He is also the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In the Scripture, Life and Light are interchangeable: therefore, the Word is Light. The Spirit cannot be separated from the Word, nor can the Word be separated from Spirit. Word expresses substance and Spirit gives life to Word.

The Word was first expressed on stone, but the people could not receive it because the dead stone was unable to reflect the Life of the Word. In other words, the stone could not express Love, which is the Spirit of the Word.
Reading the Bible is inefficient if we are resisting Spirit-Love. Love—that deep emotion that rises up within the heart while the Anointing is present—is Yahweh. Yahweh is Love.

Paul says our sufficiency is in Christ. But it is not sufficient in me if I hold Christ apart from my being, that is, if I refuse to allow Spirit to express love through my spirit. We cannot deny the need for the Word by saying that we can love without accepting the Word. Man cannot live by bread alone, he must embrace “every” word that proceeds out of the mouth of Yahweh. We are not speaking of stone-inscribed law when we speak of Word. Word is the connector to Spirit-Truth, which is Life. Without the Word, man formulates warped concepts out of the carnal reasoning of his own mind. These imaginations are the instruments that separate and divide the family of Yahweh.

We must believe something is lovable before we can love it. We must have a reason to love the Father. He must appear lovely to us. The carnal concept of man does not create a lovely God because man’s nature is corrupt— he creates the only image he can see, which is an image likened unto himself (Rom. 1:23).

We have the ability to love, but love must be stimulated by an attraction. Fear cannot stimulate an attraction. Every misconception we have in our mind about the Father’s character leaves a space for the enemy to operate. This is why the truth can make us free. Truth gives us an attraction for Yahweh, it stimulates love. It stimulates love for the Father.
Strange as it appears, if we love the Father, the manifestation of it will show itself by our love toward his creatures. That is the only way it will ever be manifest. This Spirit-love flows continually and cannot be damned.

For every Spirit-breathed truth in the universe, there is a counterfeit. If Spirit-revealed Word is not flowing out of your innermost being, something is, and that something is the counterfeit expression of Truth. Now, tell me, is the Word important?

Inspired truth will not create a desire in us to push, shove, or cram dead letter down someone’s throat. Anytime we feel the need to force and push, we are in the wrong spirit and our message is unproductive. The person that swallows our words that are not anointed is in no condition to give life to our message. Inspiration from the Father is peaceful, patient, and easily to be entreated. If we cannot discuss scriptures without getting our feathers ruffled, it is because the word we have is not Spirit-born. We need to seek for inspiration in the Spirit-revealed Word.

Many people are confessing faith in Christ that knows nothing of the Spirit of Truth. Receiving the Spirit of revelation is as essential to the Spirit-born child of Yahweh as breathing. We must receive the Spirit of revelation so that we can understand, that is, get acquainted with Truth. We need the Spirit of revelation before we can teach others.

If we are not preaching, but sitting in a church pew waiting to be fed, we need the Spirit of revelation just as much as the one who is teaching. We must have the truth revealed, or made alive, in our spirit before we will be enabled to hear the inspired Word.

Every word we accept must be judged and made alive to us by the Holy Spirit within us. Seed-thought from the Father will be birthed out of our spirit if it is ever planted in our mind. We give the word we receive our very own spirit, therefore, we need our spirit to become metamorphosed, or changed, into the heavenly nature. We do not have to ask for the change, we need only to seek the Word of Truth and it will create the change automatically.

If we do not have the Spirit of Truth to rightly judge the messages we hear, we must depend on our carnal understanding. The carnal mind cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit. If we have the wrong concept of what the Father is, we cannot receive the Spirit of Love. If we see a warped image of the Father, our mind warps to fit the concept. The nature of the Spirit is foreign to our nature. Without the Holy Spirit, the truth will not be attractive to us; it will sound foolish.

Strange as it is, we respond to the image we create in our mind and our character gradually changes to fit our concept. Paul confirms this in Romans 12:1 and 2. If we are able to behold the glory of the new creation (new man), we will change (be metamorphosed) into the image we are beholding.

When the people received the law in stone, their hearts of stone were not dramatically affected— they saw only the dead letter and their character remained unchanged. But when they received the Anointed Word (Spirit of the Word), it began to change their character.

I sometimes talk with people that speak of operating in love, and with the next breath they speak of the strength of their wrath and brag about their ability to man-handle others. They have a warped concept of the truth. Our words are the outflow of our spirit-substance, or state of being.

Under pressure, our words usually express the person that we are. Even when we speak differently than our real self, sooner or later we slip and make a double exposure showing our true person. In that case, we will have clearly shown who we are and that the Spirit of Truth has already revealed the folly of our wrong doings and convicted us of our sin. Yet, rather than forsake the self-life, the flesh will cower and hide the shame that it hoped it had camouflaged sufficiently.

The false church has effectively brought a message of, “sin now, pay later.” But the truth is, if we sin now, we pay now, and continue to pay later. If the world’s principle, with its pomp and vainglory, looks good to us, it is because we are yet carnal minded. To be carnal minded is death. We need to seek the Father until the glory of the world’s glitter fades away.

Love, I mean unreserved love, is not mindful of self. It crucifies self so love can flow out to others. This is the only action that exalts the Father.

Self is clever and ambitious. He will have us working our fingers to the bone to exalt him and deceive us into believing our work is benevolence personified. The Scripture teaches us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice. The reason for this is that we must crucify the old nature.

Now as we begin to place ourselves on the altar (so to speak), we are sacrificing our old self. We experience this as we interact with the people around us. We will be called upon to love the unlovely, to apologize when we should be apologized to, and give to those that should be giving to us, etc. If you are in this kind of situation, and I am pretty sure you are, what is the voice of your sacrifice? Does the Lord hear praises and commitment coming from the heart of the New Man, the sin bearer that covers the sin of the victim? Or does he hear complaints and murmuring from the old man that has already been declared dead. What I am asking is, What kind of smell is descending up with your sacrifice? If it isn’t sweet and easy to be entreated, it cannot be accepted. Your scorching is of no avail to you or to the Father; you are not crucifying your old nature. You are just creating opportunities for it to vent its stubbornness and rebellion.

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of Yahweh, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto Yahweh, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed (metamorphose) by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of Yahweh,” Romans 12:1-2.