The Five Senses

The Five Senses

The five senses: taste, touch, sight, sound and smell, are the mediums between the spirit world and the creature (created). They can also be called the doors of the soul. Without the use of the senses, we would be in total darkness. Yet the senses are not the light, but they are the windows through which the light must shine.

The five senses are neutral—they are neither good nor evil. The actions and attributes of any individual do not depend upon the senses, but rather upon the kind of spirit-force that has control of them. Man is a trinity. His body (the brain is part of the body) is the abode of the spirit. The spirit is able to exist outside the body, but the body is dependent on the spirit. It cannot exist without the spirit (life).

The senses are transmitters that continually transmit data. When the carnal spirit (the old nature) is in control of the five senses, he passes judgment on all words and actions. When the spiritually revealed Word (Life) is transmitted to the senses, the old man judges and crucifies it. He is earthy, finite, or limited; he cannot judge spirit.

All things are connected to spirit and must be judged by the omniscience Spirit of Truth if it is to be judged accurately. The old man, our first nature, always resists the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can and will overpower the old nature, but he must come with a force that is strong enough to overpower and by-pass the adamic spirit. If the spiritually revealed Truth is received by our subconscious mind, or inward spirit, it will remain activated and the truth will take root and eventually burst forth into a manifestation of Truth’s attributes. Thus it becomes the creating word, or word that creates.

We do not have to spend our time trying to correct people. If we submit our five senses to be used only by the Anointing, we will have the force necessary to penetrate the subconscious mind of others by the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit will do the correcting.

Better translations will not do anything to help us spiritually unless we are filled with the Spirit of the Word, which is the Spirit of Revealed Truth.