The Kingdom of Yahweh is At Hand

The Kingdom of Yahweh Is At Hand

When Christ came to earth his message was “The Kingdom of Yahweh is a hand.” This was the fulfillment of age old prophecies. But because his message was not fully understood at that time, and the objective of most of the disciples were to warn the Israelites of the impending judgment and the destruction of Jerusalem, the message of the arrival of the Kingdom was placed on the back burner and almost forgotten or just ignored (especially throughout the dark ages).

With the exception of Paul’s ministry, wherever the Gospel was preached in the following ages, the message that was emphasized was not the message of the Kingdom, but rather the message of personal salvation. I agree that anywhere the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached, the listeners should immediately be introduced to their need to experience the new birth from above (that is, being born again of the Spirit), but not with the exclusion of the message we were told to preach in the first place, that is, “The Kingdom of Yahweh is at hand (now touchable).”

In the past few decades, my attention has been drawn to a modern Christian movement in the United States that call themselves the “kingdom people.” What so greatly surprised me is that some of the few I have communicated with do not couple their message with the salvation message, that is, they do not emphasize the need for confession and repentance or the new birth.

There are some folks who have recently discovered the power of the subjective mind and they are experiencing its potentialities. I have listened to a few popular ministers that are encouraging their listeners to think positive and to use their natural creative powers, but again I note, that the need for redemption in Christ and the born again experience does not enter the picture.

I remember when I accepted Christ in my life and the change it made in my world; it was dramatic. I wonder what my life would be today if instead of the minister ministering on the need for salvation he would have ministered on the power of the subconscious mind. If I had accepted that truth, could it have changed my life and brought me into truth and righteousness?

We need to confront this subject with an open mind. The path my life has taken has been a thorny one, but I can say that every thorn was laden with bundles of roses. But has my life produced the harvest while I struggled through my valleys and scaled my mountain sides, as it would have if I had discovered my subconscious mind instead of coming through conviction, repentance, and the new birth. I am not trying to be blasphemous here; though I might sound that way to some. I am far from pushing the Messiah out of the picture!

The presence and power of the subconscious mind is an eternal truth that must be dealt with. It cannot be denied that it was established by the eternal Father and it can lead to great treasures. Is the subjective mind and the “Kingdom of Yahweh” one and the same? Can we lay hold of the treasures of the subconscious mind without having had a born from above experience? Without the born from above experience we will be led into destruction. Full maturity is not obtainable without submission to the laws of truth, light, and righteousness. The fountain of Life and the new birth are one and the same.

We know the Church is the feminine part of Christ in the earth. The Kingdom of Yahweh is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit, therefore, it is not something material—it is spiritual attitude and character that comes from within.

Can we obtain the riches of the subconscious mind without first willfully submitting to the principles that governs the Kingdom of Yahweh? We must make a deliberate attempt to face and receive answers to these questions and more.

Maybe we can receive some of our answers by looking around us and investigating what is going on in the religious world.