The Kingdom

The Kingdom

Yasha came teaching the Kingdom of Yahweh and introducing a complete new set of principles and laws. Under the law of nature it is an eye for an eye, while under the law of Love all needs are met by the Spirit of Truth. In other words, as we deal in truth and holiness we are releasing the energy-force of this divine principle of the Kingdom, which is the Spirit and power of Yahweh.

In the natural realm, of which we all share by reason of our birth, we attempt to satisfy our needs and desires through our natural abilities. We learn to connive, argue, fight, or whatever it takes to acquire our wants or needs. Some of these are absolutely necessary for survival in the carnal realm. But Yasha said to seek first the Kingdom of Yahweh and his righteousness and then you will receive all your natural needs through the power and law of that principle (Matt. 6:33).

We cannot release the power of this principle until we lose respect for the spirit that sets the natural principles into action and denounce, reject, and refuse to use them. Yasha came teaching a new way. To accept Yasha is to accept what he was and what he said as a reality—a truth. It is impossible to accept Yasha and at the same time reject his teaching, just as it is impossible for a person to believe in Yasha’s principles and what they produce and at the same time use a lesser and deadly or destructive principle.

If we still depend on our flesh to supply our needs, it is because we still believe that this method is more effective and rewarding. It also reveals another thing about us, we are still slaving away for the needs of old adam and his selfish and demanding will and have no real vision of the new Kingdom or comprehension of the awful, dreadful effects of the sin of the flesh realm. Therefore, we must have an “abiding” experience in Christ, that is, we must believe that he is. We must then welcome him (Yahweh’s spirit) into our minds, allowing him to abide. Through this indwelling presence of Christ, our old nature is crucified and Christ is resurrected in his body, or temple, and the power of the new principle is set in action. It is a power that cannot fail because Yahweh’s word set it into action. It can no more fail than the moon can fail in its orbit.

Disciples cannot have trust in the works of the carnal realm, which is strife, wrath, evil conniving, etc., for they have touched reality and have put away these childish play things.

In the present religious system we are condemned if we yield to the more base sins, such as drunkenness, murder, some forms of robbery, and adultery. While most of these are tolerated if they are handled discretely enough, they are the little foxes that spoil the vines.

In minor warfare or need, we are encouraged to let Christ lead. But if our need becomes exaggerated through the lust of the flesh or the battle gets rough, it is an unwritten law that one takes action and yields to the flesh to satisfy the lust—fighting against flesh with flesh.

When Yahweh rules in a vessel that vessel becomes a part of his Kingdom because it is under his control or rulership. If we are to share his throne and become kings and priests with him, we must become subjected to his headship and submit to his spiritual control—in doing so, the Kingdom and Spirit of Yahweh is made manifest to the world.

The world knows nothing of the Kingdom principles. For the most part, the religious systems have taught a “thou shalt not” message that seldom is expected to be taken seriously in reality; therefore, we must manifest the Kingdom principles. But we cannot do this until we believe or trust in Yahweh’s weapons and armor of warfare.

Yahweh has provided a shield for us, and without our shield it is both dangerous and stupid to step out into a line of fire. Our faith is our shield, which no enemy dart can penetrate. But we should not lie against the Truth and act on pretense of faith. If we do, we will get hurt and weaken the shields (faith) of others. For after all, if you step up front in battle, who, but you, knows what sort of metal your shield is made of? There isn’t much resistance in materials that are made of dross.

If we understand Yahweh’s principles, we do not struggle to believe in them no more than a scientist has to struggle to believe in the law of gravity. If we have no understanding of the principles of the Kingdom, we should not allow ourselves to bog down in the mire of condemnation, but go directly to the throne of grace and confess our weakness and our need. Then we should listen for instructions from the Spirit and follow them. The written Word is always available and a dependable source of direction, instruction, and strength as long as we wait for the Spirit to reveal and inspire them to us. We also have the ministry and spiritual gifts to help us. Faith comes by hearing and hearing is listening to what is being said.

Many people place themselves on the front line of battle only to fall defeated at every attack of the enemy, because they do not have enough faith to use the principles. They stand without a shield. They express their lack of faith with this statement, “Yahweh expects us to protect ourselves.” But our faith is to be our shield of protection. We need no fleshly weapons. Our warfare is spiritual and cannot be fought on the carnal realm.

True disciples will teach and practice the Kingdom principles with much opposition from the world and welcome this opposition as a God-given opportunity to reveal Yahweh’s Kingdom principles to an unbelieving world. A true revelation of what this means will cause us to leap for joy when we are persecuted, that is, we will leap for joy when we have heavenly visions and our eyes turn away from self-life. We will also have a desire to manifest him to those poor, miserable, confused, and hungry souls for which Christ died. If we are truly mature disciples, we welcome an opportunity to manifest our new life, even when it cost us discomfort and pain in the flesh.

It is sad that much of the past teachings have misled the Church concerning the ministry gifts, especially the pastoral ministry, to the extent that it opens the door for wolves in sheep clothing to come in and rob the Church. It also puts a strong temptation before some of Yahweh’s precious young and gifted ministers, causing them to stumble and fall.

Where does the idea come from that the Church is to be under the complete control of one man? Christ is the head of the Body and the Church is the Body. When man is elevated to become head in Christ’s stead (place), there is no wonder they fall. Anyone who tries to replace Christ will fail. We are not to be under a one woman or one man dictatorship. The Church is to be governed by the Spirit, working through dependable elders, bishops, and deacons, which the Bible calls shepherds.

The modern idea of setting the Church under an organization or denomination that sets one man to dominate the whole Church has left no room for the elders and more mature Christians.