The Living Manna

The Living Manna

We do not live merely by physical activity, nourishment, and rest. Yasha said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Yahweh.” This is the most essential factor to our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

The Word of Yahweh is both food and drink. It is the heavenly manna and the living water; it is our protection, and we are secure in it as we discharge our responsibilities and the demands of life. Even though we must sometimes suffer the fires of adversity and swift waters of opposition, the waters will not prevent us, nor will the fires consume us if we abide in His Word and allow it to abide in us.

The Quickening Power of the Word

When Yahweh’s Word is alive in us, it becomes our meat; it is water for cleansing, and drink to refresh our thirsty souls. It is the bread of Life and a staff upon which we may lean. The Word must become more than words upon the pages of a book; it must be resurrected in us. It must be quickened to become the energizing force of our life. Without this force, the Bible becomes just another book; for it is not holy because of the paper, the binding or the print, it is holy only as it is quickened and becomes our personal life-force.

The printed book is of no value to us without the Spirit of Truth. If it was so, we could receive eternal life merely by purchasing a Bible. Millions of people buy Bibles, read, and quote from them, yet know nothing of its Life-force. We cannot benefit from the printed Word if we read it only as a historical or literary work. The Word must become the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. It must be the controlling force of the subconscious mind. The Word must become alive in us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Word Made Spirit

The Bible is the book of Life only if its teachings are spiritually made alive to us. As a book laying on the shelf, it does not offer protection for us. If we should memorize its pages from cover to cover, it will not quench our thirst nor satisfy our hunger. Also, it will not prevent loneliness and emptiness. Only as we allow its message to penetrate our conscious mind and control our subconscious, does it become a force of life for us. Just reading scriptures everyday does not offer security, but surrendering our will to the living Word does. We must fulfill the requirements of the Word.

The Bible contains the Word of Life when its teachings are understood by our spirit. When the Word is spiritually discerned, it becomes the life sustaining Bread, the Living Water, and the New Wine. We might own several Bibles and still find our soul hungry, miserable, and lonely. Only as the Word takes root in our hearts can it manifest itself as Life.

It is of little value to quote the ninety-first Psalms and to think by repeatedly doing so we will be protected. It is only when we fulfill the requirements of “dwelling in the secret place of the most High,” and abiding there, that we are secure in its promises. It is by our continual recognition of Yahweh as the only cause and creative force of Life, with a determination to place our full dependency on the One that allows our faith to grow and become strong enough to completely overcome fear. Only when our minds become so permeated by the truth that it is swallowed up in love and revelation, can we, in reality, cease from our struggle against fear and failure and rest with him on the throne of his Glory.

The Spirit Gives Life

The Word of truth is a fortress, it is the foundation stone, and it is our armor and our weapon of war. Scripture begins to affect us and change our thoughts and character as it is Spirit revealed and quickened. Without the Holy Spirit to reveal it, the Word cannot penetrate our minds so that we may benefit from its message.

Revelation will not come without an effort on our part to seek, to search, and ask. We must study and search the scriptures, and also, give our minds time to become quiet and separated from the material things of life so that the Spirit can reveal himself to us. If the Word is given access to the mind, it will divide the carnal from the spiritual and the terrestrial from the celestial. As the mind progresses from the carnal, or intellectual beginning, unto spiritual maturity and Yahweh’s promises become our hopes, our hopes will become reality.

The Spirit of the Word is the vital Life-force of the message. Without it, the Word remains dead, and to abide in the dead letter is to dwell in death. But to find the Spirit of it is to find the pearl of great price, and if we find it, we will sell all to purchase it. The Word of Yahweh is the seed of Life, but the stony ground of our hearts must first be broken in preparation for the planting. With the breaking of the soil, all other forms of life are sacrificed. Nothing will be left standing, not a root of pride or bitterness. All earthly ambition with its lust and greed is uprooted—only the barren ground and a tiny seed exist. All must be sacrificed in the preparation. But with the harvest comes the revelation that nothing more was sacrificed than the unfruitful thorns and thistles that prick and torment us.

Working Out Our Salvation

We must purpose in our hearts to become a new creation in Christ. We must consciously force our minds to accept the Word and act upon it. Without this reprogramming of the subconscious mind, there will be no change in our conscious actions and reactions. When the word of Truth penetrates our subconscious there will be a manifestation of its fruit in our life. Faith and works are inseparable, and one does not exist without the other.

If faith in the Word exists, it will appear in the form of works. If there are no works, it is because real faith does not exist. The Spirit revealed Word is Holy, clean, and pure, and is only manifest in that form. It will not assume another form. That which is revealed to the subconscious, or the hidden man of the heart, will be revealed from the housetop for all to see.

The whole creation awaits this manifestation of the new man, which is the new creation. We must become aware that man is directly involved in this revealing. We must not depend upon a demonstration of the power of Yahweh apart from the Living Word. Yasha is the Living Word; He is also the Savior of the body. All things that exist do so as a manifestation of the Word, and without it nothing can exist. The Living, or revealed Word, became the Savior of the body, and the creature shall find deliverance as he is transformed by it.

The Promise
Is Not of Material Substance

The dream of some far off riches of tomorrow can rob us of the promise of Yahweh for today. We need to reexamine our goals and be sure of our spiritual ambition. The harvest, or results of our labor, depends on the nature of the seed we plant. The glory of Yahweh is to be revealed in those who are transformed by it. If we embrace a lie, we are transformed by it into a manifestation of the same.

Flesh is demanding and persistent. Are we ready to deny its demands and stop taking thought of the flesh and the things of the world, which is the force that opposes the Spiritual Kingdom of Yahweh? Can we honestly confess that our hopes and desires are to allow Yahweh to rule one hundred percent over our bodies, which are His temples? Do we desire to see the Kingdom of Yahweh fill the earth? Can we welcome the manifestation of truth, or is truth too difficult for us to face?