The Path He Trod

The Path He Trod

Has Anyone Seen the Children?

We have met many spiritually hungry souls on our travels, people with a deep cry to experience the fullness of the coming spiritual event—the manifestation of the sons of Yahweh. In listening to the varied expres­sion of expectations and hearing different concepts of the reality of righteousness, this question formed in my mind. If this mani­festa­tion was brought to its full consummation today, how would it be received by those of us who are waiting for it? One sees it as one thing, another sees it as something different. Would we all be able to com­prehend what we were looking at if it dawned today?
I found such variations in doctrine and attitude that my spirit cried out for the youth, “How does this confusion affect our children?”

I was elated when I found children and youth in some of the group meetings, but in many meetings there were few children or youth or there were none at all. If this wonderful experience is for all people, where are our children and young parents?

Perhaps we may have formed a social atmosphere that conditioned our children toward the wrong expectations as they focused on fulfilling their spiritual goals. One of the first things the Kingdom message taught me was that I was here to grow in love and righteousness; my real purpose was to manifest the love of an unseen God. I soon became convinced that I had not arrived on this planet to do a great work “for” Yahweh, which had been my former concept. We are to submit to him and let his mighty works manifest through us

Some of our greatest teachers and leaders seem to feel we must strive to spread our doctrine quickly and at all cost, and if necessary, it is understandable if we use people as the rungs of our ladder—making it appear that it is acceptable to use flattery, deceit, and worst of all, entertainment. Many of the modern speakers have been turned into comedians and the song services are geared to excite the flesh, though that fact is not often acknowledged by the leadership.

I pray that none of you will misunderstand me; the young Christians I met out there are great people who seemed to be headed in the right direction. It is the ones that were not there that concerned me. It was not the services that I attended that disturbed me, it is our seeming inability to reach the youth, even our own, with this message.

There is a war going on here, Christianity is not about having a wonderful time and fulfilling our base desires. I know from my days of motherhood that the Holy Spirit can fulfill the deepest needs of the heart and spirit of a child or youth. But we need to turn our faces toward Yahweh and began to travail for our youth. The mood has been set—if we do not satisfy the carnal appetites of our young folks in the churches, the religious movements around us will. So should we seek ways of meeting that challenge? I say we should, but not with carnal efforts that prevent them from learning what worshiping Yahweh and spiritual growth are all about.

My children came along before TV took over and before the small local churches were turned into houses of entertainment. It never entered into my mind to try to plot a way to entertain them in church. We took them to zoos, parks, picnics, and other places of entertainment, but church was a place for them to worship their Creator and learn more about him. Church was a place of support and warm fellowship. They were expected to remain quiet and reverent and wait for the Holy Spirit’s moving. When this happened, the service changed and they were allowed to worship in the Spirit, shouting, praising, singing, praying, crying, hugging, laughing loudly, and dancing—any action promoted by the Holy Spirit was acceptable. As my children were spiritually fed in this atmosphere, I could relax and the pull of the carnal religions around us relaxed.

We moved back to Oklahoma in 1962 to be near my aging parents and the Spirit-led meetings all but vanished. We may pray and seek the Spirit for his manifestation in our services, but unless those who are in leadership are committed to Spirit-born edification and are willing to wean themselves from the tendency to yield toward gratification of the flesh, we will continue to fail our children.

The Kingdom of Yahweh is and will always be peace, joy and righteousness in the “Holy” Spirit. If our children are to share the glory set before us, we must be honest with them. I do not have to out-line the sins that control the average assembly, even some of the kingdom movements. If you have the Holy Spirit, you see the same things I see.

We may fool ourselves and say certain conduct modes of apparel and attitudes are compatible with righteousness. I will admit that these sinful displays do not stop Yahweh from loving us, but it certainly stops spiritual growth, true revelation, and Holy Ghost filled revivals. We need to get on our knees and cry out until Yahweh reveals what Achan has hid under his tent floor. We can teach our girls to be sexy and keep up with the fads and fashions of Hollywood, and we can lead them down the paths of a Holy Spirit-filled life, but we cannot do both at the same time. Parents can prevent a child from obeying the Spirit; all they need to do is feed their base desires and justify them in their sin.