The Spirit of the Word

The Spirit of the Word

How can several people listen to the same speaker and have opposing versions as to the meaning of the message?

When a message is given, it is given in and expresses the essence of a spirit even though the message and the speaker are not always in the same spirit. It is then the responsibility of the receiver to judge or consider the meaning of the message and its relationship to himself. This he must do by the wisdom and skill of his own spirit. The listener has the option of receiving or rejecting either or both, the message or speaker.

Because of our different life situations: environment, education, pressures, and exposure, we are on different realms of understanding and development.
Development is attained by sorting and compiling data. Through human frailty, much data is stored in the subconscious mind that becomes unavailable to the conscious mind, but it still has a strong influence on the spirit.

Reproduction of Spirit

The spirit of mankind is feminine and incapable of reproducing, or expressing spirit, without being joined to a masculine spirit. The human spirit was created to receive from, and to be controlled by a masculine Spirit—Yahweh’s Spirit. However, most people reject Yahweh’s Spirit and submit to the control of other spirits.

When a contentious spirit is in control of a person who is receiving information, the individual will automatically allow that spirit to judge the spirit behind the message, and it will be judged according to the characteristics of the controlling spirit. For instance, when a jealous spirit is allowed to judge a word or action, he automatically assumes that the speaker is speaking from the same motivations that control him; therefore, his interpretation of the word usually reflects his spirit as much, or more, than it reflects the mind of the speaker.

The Strength of Spirit

Without the flow of Spirit between individuals, the inner spirit becomes weak and deteriorates. The stronger and richer the spiritual flow, the stronger and healthier the Church will become.

There are spirits of confusion reigning over the Babylonian system of religion. This is why Yahweh sent his Spirit into flesh to rule over the intellect. Our natural minds, though capable of understanding and judging material matters, cannot understand anything of the realm of Spirit of truth.

We must never allow our natural (carnal) understanding to judge the Spirit realm; we must willfully submit to the control of the Spirit of Yahweh. This is not easily done, because it requires a rejection of what we have been led to accept as our natural instinct, and perhaps it is, but it certainly is the weight that anchors us to the earthy and death realm.

The Word Judged and Rejected

The first man rejected the Word. He heard it in his carnal understanding and fellowshipped with it from his own view point. He crucified the Word by perverting and corrupting it in his mind. That is, the Word that dwelled in Adam was made subject to him, thus lowering it into the flesh realm to be judged by flesh. Through the blindness of the natural man, he translated the Word and produced a false image, or manifestation. The carnal mind of man heard the word of truth, but perverted it by his own essence, which was the spirit of jealousy, rebellion, etc.

When Adam missed the mark (sinned) by not walking according to the Spirit of the Word, which was his God-given right, he allowed himself to be controlled by the expression of his own perverted spirit, he bore fruit of that realm of darkness. Man’s carnal mind was familiar with Yahweh’s word, but he was incapable of com­prehending Yahweh’s motivation. That is, he did not know and could not discern the Spirit of the Word.

When Adam rejected the Spirit of the Word, he rejected life, because life is in the Spirit and not in the Word alone. In order for the Word to create Life-energy and it must be joined to the Spirit of Yahweh. The Word without Yahweh’s Spirit does not create the new man. The power, or Life-energy, of the Word is pure Spirit and is the only method of reconciling man to Spirit-truth. This is one of the reasons the Word, Yasha, came into flesh. Another reason was that Yasha could crucify that flesh nature. Therefore, the Word was crucified by the first nature, because the Spirit of the Word joined himself to flesh and ruled over adam’s house and reproduced himself through the flesh and birthed the new creation.

The Word and Spirit, in the flesh, formed a perfect union and took dominion over the intellect and overcame the darkness that had resulted from man’s inability to manifest the true image and likeness of Yahweh’s Spirit in the material, or realm of matter. Thus the manifested Word became the resurrection, because it was Truth and Life.

The Spirit of Many Faces

It is so important for us to realize we will, no matter how we wish to do otherwise, manifest the spirit that we yield to. That is, if we are not willing to obey the Truth because of the spirit of fear, that spirit will not tell us that we are cowards, but the people we express ourselves to will recognize us as such, and they will know that the Spirit of Truth is not in control of our actions.
The spirit of fear does not always appear as fear; it can manifest itself in many avenues. It can cause us to lie to protect ourselves from the thing we fear, or we may steal, or do other sinful things in an effort to protect ourselves.
Our beastly nature is capable of manifesting itself in many different ways. Sometimes it is very difficult for us to recognize that we are not using the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

The Word Made Life

If we have invited the Spirit of Yahweh into our minds, we have accepted the Life that Adam rejected, which is the Spirit of Truth. It was the mission of the Son, not only to be crucified, but to return to the flesh realm as a life-giving Spirit of truth (1 Corientians15:45).

Through the Spirit of Christ, man is once again joined to the Spirit of life that Adam sacrificed. That means we now have a way of understanding what Yahweh says, and have the privilege of fellowshipping him even as Adam did. We can judge, and judge righteously. We have the privilege of knowing the truth about ourselves and the Spirit, or life realm. We have become reconciled to Yahweh. We are now empowered to express his image to the world. We may develop into his full image. “But as many as received him (Christ), to them gave he the power to become the sons of Yahweh, even to them that believe on his name,” John 1:12.

We have been given the privilege of becoming righteous judges of the world. If we do not allow the Spirit of Christ to abide in our minds, we will crucify the truth in the word, just as Adam did.

When the Spirit of Christ has been given access to the temple of Yahweh, He will crucify the carnal man and reprogram the subconscious mind by supplying it with truth.

The subconscious mind is reprogrammed by the Spirit’s revaluation and righteous judgments of the previously received data and by the true and righteous judgments of the incoming data.

Without the Holy Spirit, the individual is controlled by his the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind is controlled by lust of his own flesh.

“Blessed is the man that endures temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord has promised to them that love him. Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of Yahweh: for Yahweh cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempts he any man: but every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death,” James 1:12-15.

The individual who is Spirit filled will become reprogrammed and controlled by the Spirit of Truth. If we have been led to believe that we are filled with the Spirit of Yahweh and yet continue to be influenced by the works of the flesh, then we need to seek for the Spirit of Truth until we are no longer persuaded that the works of the flesh produce happiness.

Without the Holy Spirit, we do not have access to true wisdom or to the power of the omniscience of the Spirit, and without the influence of the Holy Spirit, we make mistakes because we cannot (in our immaturity) know the end results of our actions.

The Holy Spirit supplies the needed omniscience by directing our actions; therefore, our first step into Yahweh and the eternal truth that dwells in him, is receiving his Spirit. The second step is earnestly listening for his revealed or spoken word, and searching the scriptures. Without faith in our contact we have made with Yahweh and obedience to his Word, all efforts become vain and unfruitful.