The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

It seems very difficult for us, the believers in the complete restitution of all people (Act 3:18-21), to convince the skeptics of this truth since there seems to be some scriptures that appear to be contradictory to this revelation.

Many scriptures firmly support the doctrine that all that die in Adam will be made alive in Christ (1 Cor. 15:22). But some have said, “There are other scriptures that just as clearly state that the wicked will go away into everlasting punishment where the worm never dies and the fire is not quenched (Mk. 9:44-48).” There most certainly seems to be some difficulty here. But are we justified in ignoring the scriptures that oppose our own particular doctrine? Is not one scripture just as important as another? Do we not have the freedom to lay aside all preconceived ideas and go beyond the translations to study the original scripture so that we may get at the truth, especially when the subject involves the character of Yahweh? Perhaps this seems too difficult, but any interested person can do this by studying with the concordance of the Greek and Hebrew and with other Bible helps that are now available.

Somehow, since the Niacin Council established and enforced their godless creed by merciless tactics, the eternal torment concept has gained momentum until it has become so deeply entrenched into Christian thinking that it now appears blasphemous to question the theory. But our readers must first lay aside all preconceived ideas concerning the destiny of mankind and look beyond the translations that are the origin of them. Next, they need to search deep into the original scriptures to study the words or phrases that appear to support the theory. Then, by allowing the Spirit to reveal their meanings, they will find that confusion of mind is swallowed up into peace and joy. This peace and joy always comes when the Spirit of revelation gives us a more perfect understanding of the glory and mercy of Yahweh. The carnal or natural understanding of man can never comprehend this.

Some favor the torment theory because it satisfies their desire to avenge themselves of the persecution and wrong they must suffer as Christians. They find solace in the assurance their enemies will, at last, “get what they deserve.” To some loving and forgiving souls the eternal torment doctrine is confusing, but they fear to question the theory, even though, they utterly fail to reconcile it with an all wise and loving Father. They therefore, convince themselves that their own departed loved ones somehow escaped its flames.
Yahweh would never have given us such marvelous power of reasoning with a consistent knowledge of justice to prick our conscience (sometimes unwelcomed) when we overstep Love’s boundaries and fail to show mercy to our enemies if he had no purpose for it other than to condemn us for following its instincts. Surely this must be a messenger of truth and wisdom sent unto us from Yahweh’s very essence to teach us what words alone cannot. This is that seed that grows and blossoms within us when we, in truth, seek his face; for those who receive his Spirit are baptized into his love. They have genuine love and compassion for their enemies, which they did not have before they received Christ. As they grow in grace, they also grow in love and mercy for those that have never received the Gospel message. This statement cannot, and will not be denied by all born again believers—especially those that have received the revelation of unlimited salvation.

If we expand in spiritual growth, we automatically find that our love for sinners and the ability to love and pray for our enemies are strengthened. How then, can we say that that heavenly fullness gives us the grace to look on those that did not adhere to the Gospel in this age with uncompassionate disdain?
Surely all who walk in love must agree that the Spirit of Yahweh within them will not bear witness to the teaching of eternal torture. By this I mean that a true Christian could not choose one from among his own, though he is a vile transgressor and worthy of many stripes, and justify his endless misery. He could not desire to see the object of his love twisting and withering in flaming torment without being grieved and repelled at the thought. If he really believed it to be so, the torment in his mind would rob him of his ability to bear it. His choice would be for justice to find satisfaction through a more tolerable form of revenge. I never want to be the enemy of one who would desire to see his foes eternally tortured.

If the torment theory is correct, we are in rebellion if we are willing to forgive Yahweh’s enemies, who he hates and loathes. If he does not hate and loathe them, how can he endure their suffering for all of eternity?
Some will answer; “He did not hate and loathe them until they died.” But, wait, did he not know they would reject his son even before they were created? Could He not foresee their rejection of light? How can it be said he had full understanding of their potential in life and what their final decision would be in death, while he was yet loving and sheltering them? Human frailty cannot alter or influence the power of Love. Mankind does not know the future development in his relationships with others; therefore, he makes emotional changes when adverse conditions prevail, but an omniscient creator does not experience these shocks and disappointments.

If we reason that Yahweh did not know what our end would be before we were born, then we must confess that he cannot rightly discern and reveal the future, which would eliminate all Bible prophecy. If we say he did not know the future then, but he does now, we are teaching a changing God. We are putting him out of the omniscience realm and into the finite realm of man.

Reason, our most prized possession, must become an outcast if humanity is to embrace all the horrors and injustices of eternal suffering under the guise of infinite grace. And if reason is called upon to pass judgment upon transgressors, would she not point an accusing finger at the rest of us and inform us that except for the operation of the Spirit of Divine Mercy and Love, we would be as blind to spiritual realities and be as destitute of righteous inclinations as they?

On what ground must we stand to acclaim our righteousness? What convincing evidence can we present to reason in order to convince her that we were chosen and redeemed because we merited the favor of Yahweh? Or what must we say to convince justice that we earned our salvation by the works of the law?

If we experienced redeeming grace, it was administered to us while we were yet sinners. If we see truth and light, we see it because Yahweh, through an act of grace, opened our blind eyes and revealed them to us.

Stand still in the audience of Reason, and give ear to her wisdom. Listen to her witness to the omniscience of Him who subjected creation to vanity and clothed us in flesh. Did Yahweh not know we were weak, vile, destitute of understanding, and altogether dependent upon his wisdom and unmerited favor? If he did, why does he hold us responsible for not liberating ourselves from a power which supposedly robbed heaven of one third of her enlightened messengers when a successful rebellion was affected there?

Why should Yahweh further deem it necessary to watch us wither in pain for more trillions of years than man is able to enumerate? Let reason explain why Yahweh would wear out his devoted saints in a futile effort to bring those to light, which he knows will continue to rebel and reject him until their dying breath is breathed and all hope has vanished. Why would Yahweh have his children suffer severe persecution in an effort to save those who are destined from all ages, to suffer endless pain and misery? Does not reason inform us that Yahweh loves them with the same compassionate love that he bestowed upon us when we were as blind as they? Does not that same reasoning tell us that eternal torture serves no real purpose and cannot, in any way, express Yahweh’s true attributes?

Why do so many of those precious souls who have tasted of Yahweh’s infinite love and ever-abounding mercy still insist that to the Christian he extends himself in unlimited love and mercy, but to the unenlightened he extends himself in vengeance and wrath, and yet they stubbornly refuse to consider researching the scriptures that speak of restoration and unlimited salvation?
Truth is a vital Life-force; it is the sword that cuts the cords of limitations. It is a river of life flowing out to water the dry and barren desert, causing it to bring forth life’s fragrance. Seek until you find truth, search diligently for it, for to find it is to find peace and the purpose for existence. All theory, theology, or scripture interpretation that does not reveal the Father as Love is opposite to truth and is as cruel as death. It is a sword in the hand of the carnal minded. It feeds upon jealousy, pride, and arrogance. It is no respecter of persons; it destroys kings and paupers without distinction. An example of its fury was manifest on the day that the King of glory suffered at its hands, for exposing the folly of carnal mindedness.

The answer will be, They were not predestined. They have chosen their own destiny by the rejection of Light. My question is, What condition were they in when they made the choice? Blinded by trespasses, and deceived by lust and greed. On what was their only hope dependent? Revealed light! Who bears the responsibility of revealing light? No man can come unto the father unless the spirit draws him.

I am aware that to some of you this message is nothing less than blasphemous. But before you cast it aside, will you open your Bible to Saint John 12:31-32? “An I, If I be lifted up from this earth, I will draw ALL men unto me. This He said, signifying what death He should die.” See also Philippians 2:9-11: “Wherefore Yahweh has highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Yasha every knee shall bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Yasha Messiah is the Lord (ruler) to the glory to Yahweh, the Father.” Isaiah 45:21-24: “Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them ask counsel together; who hath declared this from ancient time? who has told it from that time? Have not I Yahweh? and there is no God else beside me; a just God and a Savior; there is none beside me. Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth, for I am God, and there is none else. I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue will swear. Surely he shall say of me, In Yahweh is all righteousness and strength. Even to him shall men come, and all that are incensed against him shall be ashamed.”

Also see Romans 14:11, 1 Corinthians 15:22-28, Ephesians 1:9-10, Colossians 1:20, and 1 Timothy 2:1-7. Note: “eternal” comes from a word meaning “age.” Also notice there is to be firstborns (those born first).