The Weapons of Our Warfare

The Weapons of Our Warfare

“Even though we walk about in flesh bodies, we do not war according to the flesh, because the weapons we use in our warfare are not of the flesh realm, but very effective and powerful in Yahweh, for our intentions are to demolish strongholds, by destroying the carnal imaginations and every exalted barrier that lifts itself up against the truth and revelation of Yahweh, and bring unto captivity every thought unto the obedience of the Anointed Word, and getting ourselves in readiness to bring judgment against all disobedience after we have persuaded you to do exactly the same thing,” 1 Corinthians 10:3-5 (Amp.).

We find that we must be very alert in our administration of the Word. For there is a very fine line between being firm and in becoming argumentative and defensive. We must stand, and hold up a standard. But remember, there are many people that do not understand the deeper things of the Word. The deeper truths are not trivial as some would have us believe. These truths must be proclaimed, but the scriptures tell us, if any man is willfully ignorant, let him continue on in his ignorance. We are to break bread and sup with those that hunger and thirst after truth, but that is as far as we are instructed to go. Trying to feed those who have no spiritual appetite only promotes confusion, division, and strife.

There is a price we must pay for standing in truth. If we are to progress in truth, we will be reject by the world and the religious system. Many people see truth beyond their acceptance level, because they are too weak to bear the prosecution it demands.

The immature and contentious should remain at the top of our prayer list, but remember, no man can come to the Father except he is drawn by and to the Spirit.

Let us always have oil in your lamp and keep it burning, but leave the rebellious in the hands of the Lord.