Truth Dispels Fear

Truth Dispels Fear

Many have been programmed to believe that our God is holy, just, and righteous, while we, his off-springs, are unholy, unrighteous, and unimportant. Since we can find no way to change our unfortunate situation so that we might become worthy of his favor, it follows that we should not expect such a lofty and majestic being to concern himself with the every day cares of creatures of such low esteem.

If we hold this, or a similar image of ourselves and our relationship with Yahweh, our creator, we will confess our extreme unworthiness and our willingness to settle for the smallest cabin in the corner of heaven and a few crumbs from the master’s table. We will accept our misfortunes as “a streak of bad luck,” for to believe that it was Yahweh’s correction, or an attack from the devil would be to assume we were important enough to attract some attention from the spirit realm.

The Bondage of Fear

If we have been programmed in this fashion, we will have deep rooted fears, even if we refuse to allow them to surface. Our lack of confidence, added to the feeling that we are completely on our own as far as this life is concerned, makes us feel that things certainly cannot turn out well for us. Danger always seems to be lurking in the shadows and sooner or later we are bound to fail because of our limited ability to see into the future. We set no goals; we simply accept our fate and hope for a better tomorrow and for an occasional crumb to fall in our direction.

Are We Sons or Slaves?

If we do not hold a true image of our relationship with the Father, it is difficult to expect life to turn out well. We do our best to make wise choices, accept the status quo, and feel completely satisfied with the crumbs. We certainly do not allow ourselves to expect too much. To identify with the Creator as birth children is unthinkable to some who hold this image of themselves.
We were created for the glory and pleasure of Christ our Savior. I am convinced that he did not desire a whole creation of despicable creatures be made for his glory. We are not contemptible in the eyes of our Creator and should not be in our own.

If we do not recognize ourselves as Yahweh’s workmanship, created in his image, we cannot approach him in faith, nor find peace in his presence. We will not come boldly before his throne; if we do seek him, we will not do it in confidence and with expectation. In reality, that would be accepting responsibility for our having existed, and leaves us unable to comprehend our connections to him.

“Those that come unto Yahweh must believe that he is, and he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him,” Hebrews 11: 6.

Yahweh is the only source of love and goodness and to be independent of him is to cut ourselves off from the ability to possess his goodness and we then become despicable. But his purpose in his creation is to have full fellowship with his sons.

Do you know that the scriptures tell us that we are the temple of Yahweh? That we are heirs of Yahweh and joint heirs with Christ? We are to come boldly before his throne? We were created by and for the Lord Yasha Christ and are the works of Yahweh’s hands? We are the highest of his creation and predestined to become Yahweh’s kings on earth and of the entire universe? We were chosen in Christ before the creation of the world to be a royal priesthood and to become one with him? We are Yahweh’s very own children! Let us act like it.

“Put away from you false and dishonest speech, and willful and contrary talk put far from you. Let your eyes look right on (with fixed purpose), and let your gaze be straight before you. Consider well the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established and ordered aright. Turn not aside to the right hand or to the left; remove your foot from evil,” Proverbs 4:24-27 (Amp.).