Where is Beauty

Beauty is omnipresent. She is everywhere. She is in the innocence of an infant’s smile. She is always there when a caring mother stoops to tenderly kiss away the pain of her bruised and frightened child.

When you find well mannered children, seated at a table spread with nutritious food, quietly listening to the casual conversation of contented and stable parents, look for her, she will be present at the table.

She can easily be seen as new parents share the magic of parenthood, and when devoted grandparents are being entertained by their jubilant progenies frolicking before them, jockeying for their attention.

I saw her once on the weather-wrinkled face of an old man as he struggled to help a freckled face lad nab a big catch from the edge of an abandoned old wooden bridge.

She walks down the isle as a bride slowly moves towards her waiting groom.
I can see her in the petals of a rose. She is in the soft purr of a kitten, and in the tail-wagging of a mischievous pup.

I caught a glimpse of her once on the work-dirty hands of a devoted father struggling to provide the needs of his family, and in the weary eyes of a mother patiently and tenderly caring for her crying child in the wee hours of the morning.

Beauty is there, even when unnoticed or rejected. She is ever present. Those who diligently seek her will find her. Though she can be found everywhere, she is never to be looked upon as cheap or shoddy. Beauty is unique and priceless. She is a fruitful tree growing among the desert thorns and thistles. Her fruit is desired by the daughters of wisdom. She holds aloft from those who choose to be vulgar and crude.

You can never find her in the centerfold of a filthy magazine. There you will find the daughters of wanton and whoredom. Beauty is pure, and clean, never immoral. She cannot be found at a beauty pageant, where bikini clad women exhibit themselves before the lustful eyes of the depraved, or where models parade for a price. This is libidinousness, and is the forward daughter of false pride and licentiousness.

Beauty is never vain, she will not flaunt herself. She is not puffed-up. She is the child of love and purity, and possesses both of their natures.

Where vulgarity and obscenity intrudes, Beauty takes flight. Though she is sought after and sometimes presumed to be found in the dwelling places of lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, there you will find vanity. Vanity is an impostor masquerading as Beauty. She is the illegitimate child of depravity and vexation of the soul. She bears their likeness. In her is found the bitter fruit of despair and heartache.

Happy is the man that finds Beauty. If he will walk with her, she will lead him down the path of felicity, across the deep waters of contentment and establish his dwelling place in the fruitful hills of prosperity and abundant life.