Yahweh’s Principles-All Power

Did the loving Heavenly Father so hide his purpose and truth from his confused and destitute progeny that it is to remain forever veiled from those (here on earth) that hunger and thirst for fellowship with their Creator? Or have we simply stumbled at the simplicity of Christ?

From the dawning of time man set the rule and principles that govern his environment and society. Even when Eve was approached concerning her faith in the word of Yahweh, her actions revealed her lack of trust. But we should not be too quick to condemn until we have examined our own actions. It could be we share some of those same doubts and fears.

While searching for a way to appease Yahweh, mankind, because of their wayward tendencies, has continued to turn their ears away from the truth that would liberate their intellects and set their souls free. The thing that separates mankind from the revelation of the truth is their rejection of the Yahweh’s principles. Mankind does not trust the principles of Love. They did not trust Yahweh in the garden, and they refused to hear him in the day of Christ.
The history of man’s chosen way of life is a living witness that it produces poverty, misery, and death. Yet man will still insist that his method is the only hope of survival.

Millions of man hours and billions of dollars are annually poured into scientific research and study of our system to produce a workable solution to solve our racial and social problems. Though we continue to experience breakdown and failure with our system, there is no doubt that it is the best that man will ever establish outside of Christ.

Separating man’s religious convictions from his principles and life-style produces hypocrisy and confusion, for it is based upon a double standard. Any theory that yolks man with a law contrary to his nature, robbing him of the energy and spirit that could give him power and motivation to change, only creates confusion.

When we speak of the Living Word, let us think of it as the word that is living. And since we know that spiritual life and love spring from the same fountain, let us say love that is living or active love (which is interchangeable). For in the beginning was the Word and the Word was Yahweh and Yahweh is love. Therefore, it is evident that the Living Word is Yahweh’s love in action.

Religion tells us about a principal of life that will govern us by love. We hear about the man that trusted so completely in this principal of living love, or love in action, that he actually lived by it and willingly submitted himself to the excruciating pain of crucifixion. Yasha’s purpose was not just to prove a point or lay down a pattern for those who wished to follow him, though this was accomplished, he lived and allowed mankind to sacrifice him because of his faith in the principal of Love. He believed and practiced what he preached—no double standard here.

Why does man not understand that his rejection of the principal of Love is the rejection of the very life he seeks? Most of us feel that we have and exercise a proper and adequate measure of love. But are we able to distinguish the counterfeit from the genuine and understand the difference? The counterfeit seems to be exactly like the genuine, but it is self love extending itself (not giving itself). As long as the act of extending reimburses him for his effort, and gives him back what he gave (or pretended to give), plus added fringe benefits that make him look good, man cannot detect his lack.

How many times have we convinced ourselves that we are giving our love to another, when in reality, we are only loving ourselves? If this is not so, we can give in secret as easily as in open. We can give to the needy stranger as easily as we can give a gift to our friends and family. We will love the ones that do not attract our flesh. We will love the ugly or the underprivileged child as affectionately as we do the beautiful child or the child of an influential friend or a relative.

If our loving stops when the reward and the benefits stop, then our love is counterfeit.