My Dear Devoted Servant

It’s told around, I hope it’s true,
That you’ve become my servant too.
They say you serve me every hour,
And do not waste your time in prayer.
That in my strength you put your trust,
That I might satisfy your lust.

No time for church, you have to spare;
You’ve laid your Bible back with care.
I hear you labor hard each day,
Until your strength gives away.
And when you have no strength to stand,
You lay and dream, and wish and plan.

And every day you hear Yah’s call,
But pay no heed to Him at all.
And when you saw the fields were white,
You turned away from such a sight.
You gave your life and soul to me,
I’m just as thrilled as I can be.

But do you fully understand,
The covenant that I make with man?
I have no power beyond the grave,
My servant’s life I cannot save.
But judgment day is so far ahead,
You have no cause to fear or dread.

Just live your life from day to day;
Life’s treasures at your feet I’ll lay.
It’s here and now I give my pay,
I cannot be there judgment day.
But if in Yah you put your trust,
He will condemn your greed and lust.

A sacrifice, His law demands,
Everything at His command.
I’m just as thrilled as I can be,
That you gave all to follow me.
Good health I cannot give to you,
The gifts I have are very few.

They are temporal, so they shall decay,
Material things will pass away.
Your lust, I’ll try to satisfy,
Until it comes your time to die.
Then as you face Yah on that day,
Powerless, I shall fade away.
Your God, Mammon

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one,
and love the other, or else he will hold to one, and despise the other.
Ye cannot serve God and mammon (wealth, riches, money)”. Matthew 6:24