Those Hidden Symbols

Throughout Yahweh’s Word there are hidden spiritual meanings that never appear in the writings except for a very few that Christ, our Savior, revealed and explained to the Apostles; such as the old man of sin being symbolized as a worthy sacrifice unto Yahweh; the land of Canaan and Jerusalem symbolized as heaven, on which account they are called the Heavenly Canaan and Jerusalem, and Paradise (a similar symbol).

Yahweh’s Word, both in general and in particular, from the very smallest particulars, symbolize and have within them spiritual and heavenly emphasis, and that includes the Old Testament. If we, as Christians, believe that the Bible is Yahweh’s Word was put down on tablets and then to palm leaves and then again on paper by God-inspired Men, then that same Word must of necessity contain within it inspired words of heavenly truths and is, therefore, Yahweh’s Holy Writings. If these writings lack heavenly inspiration, the Bible would be “dead letters” without any life, and be of no value toward our spiritual growth. Yahweh’s Holy Writings come alive only by tapping into that heavenly realm that gives life because life is only attained from those things that belong to life.

The inspired Word has to be gleaned within, not only with the mind, but within the heart also, and then that written Word through the Heavenly expression breathing life into it becomes the inspired Word and then in turn comes alive to those with ears to hear.

The Apostle John wrote in his Gospel, speaking of Christ, that “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4). So, we say that within the pages of Yahweh’s written Word is life, which bears reference to Christ who is the very Life itself. So anyone that does not inwardly regard Him as the inspiration of truth will not be able to see that which the Holy Spirit reveals to those who seek Him. Any expression in the Word that does not reveal Him within it, cannot be classified as “Divinely inspired.”

Without heavenly inspiration mankind cannot become spiritually alive. Humankind has heavenly spheres within, but most people stay outside those realms that bring into reality spiritual experiences within their heart, which in turn, brings life. Humankind is both internal (soul) and external (body). When separated from the internal man, the external man is dead; for it is the internal (spiritual) man that is alive and therefore, causes the external man to be alive. That’s why it is so important to feed your soul with that heavenly inspired manna that only Yahweh sends by way of His Anointing that only He can give, thus giving nourishment to a hungry soul.