Ponder the Path

A wise saying: “Ponder the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established” Proverbs 4:26. This is the same as saying, “Think about what you are getting ready to do. Do you really want to reap the consequences?” It is a big responsibility on our part to ponder the possible outcome of our actions. If it is good, that is, if it is of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, then it demands consideration of others, determination, faith, and endurance. It produces joy and peace for not only ourselves but for those around us. But if our path is functioning in the works of the flesh, it demands that self be honored above all others while it repels the fruit of the Holy Spirit. On this path, the law of flesh guarantees us that we’re not going to have inner peace and lasting happiness. Either way we go we will face challenges and demands; it’s the outcome that we are to be thoughtful of.

Our Transition

General Assembly of the Firstborn is making a transition:

We bought our church building in 1983 so the mothers would have a place to pray and Bible study. First we made it into Dorcas’ Workshop and sold party and wedding cakes, cake supplies, wedding bouquets, and live plants to pay for the building. We met a lot of great people during those five years, and the Lord worked in miraculous ways to provide the finances necessary. The church building was also utilized as a school at times.
We eventually closed shop and turned it into a church. We had dinners and memorials, sad times and a lot of happy times. Our kids became really great adults and parents through this journey. The building served its purpose for the growth of the members, their families, and the community.
The main building is at least 70 years old now and is too old to keep repairing. Thus, we have decided to have this building torn down. But the building is not the church; it was just where a part of the body of Christ gathered.
Another transition we are experiencing is the way in which the Lord has called us to meet the spiritual needs of others. For a few years now, we have felt the call to be more available for those needing spiritual encouragement, prayer, and fellowship in Bible study. Thus, we will still be using a smaller building to meet these needs along with our website, christthecreativeword.net.
We hope to be available any time during the day for anyone who is looking for answers or encouragement in their journey into spiritual maturity. If no one is here, just call 479-228-4647 and we will set a time at your convenience.