My Peace

Christ said (John 14:27), “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you…” Strong’s Dictionary gives the definition of peace as “peace, prosperity.” Peace from what? Would it not be the troubles and fears of everyday happenings that arouse our negative emotions? When trouble and trials come our way, do we react with variance and strife, or do we have the capacity within our being to react from the Divine inspiration of peace that only stems from a profound faith in the Logos (Revealed inspired Word) of Christ? In the past two thousand years, since Christ, there has not been a trial or tribulation that someone in the past has not already faced.

We, as “believers” in our Almighty Creator, must lift up a standard in evidence of our having a mind renewed in His righteous Spirit, thus being a witness and an inspiration to others that are downtrodden and wounded. When we have the Spirit of our Savior, we will not be content in living aimlessly or in spiritual poverty.  Our goal will be to strive to abide in the heavenlies, instead of on a plane a little elevated above the demands of animal existence. Remember, our Creator created the heavens and Strong’s defines heavens as “to be lofty.” Our Creator’s Words instructs us to rise to the heavenlies; which is to seek godliness and be holy, which is, in reality, our Savior’s moral qualities that we are to copy and emulate. All of our Creator’s moral attributes are comprised in that holiness that is simulated by our Savior. He, being the pattern Son, commanded us to pick up our cross and follow Him. Then, we too, can have that peace abiding in us that calms the storms that come our way.