Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

Sally lived in the city with her father and mother.  She was only four years old, but she would have a birthday soon, then she would be five.  Sally was excited about her fifth birthday because her father and mother had promised she could spend a whole week with her grandpa and grandma.

Her grandparents lived in the country in a large farmhouse.  They had Sandy, the dog and two cats. The yellow cat’s name was Tiger and the gray cat was called smoky.

Sally loved to visit her grandparents. Her father and mother were always with her when she’d spent time with them before, but this time she would spend a whole week without her parents. Sally could hardly wait.

On the morning of her fifth birthday Sally woke up early and jumped out of bed. The rest of that day seemed to go at a snail’s pace until they arrived at the farm.

Grandpa and Grandma sat on the porch waiting for her.  Sally ran up the front steps and into the arms of her grandma.

“I’m five years old now,” Sally announced as she gave her grandma a big hug. “I’ll be grown up soon. I can spend a whole week with you and Grandpa without Mamma and Daddy being here”.

“Yes, that’s what I heard”.  Grandpa gave Sally a hug. “We’ll have a lot of fun”.

The next morning was the Sabbath and Sally knew they would all go to church.  She woke up to the sound of Grandpa singing outside her window. She climbed out of bed and looked outside.

“Good Morning Grandpa,” Sally called from the window.

“Good Morning Sally girl,” Grandpa said.  Are you hungry and ready to eat your breakfast now?”

“Not yet. What are you doing?”

“Me?  Oh I’m picking a bouquet for our breakfast table.  Hurry now and get dressed. Breakfast will be ready soon.”

“Ok.”  Sally hurried and dressed and went to find Grandma in the kitchen.

“Good morning dear.”  Grandma smiled as Sally entered.  Breakfast is almost ready. Are you hungry?”

“Grandma!” Sally exclaimed.  “You’re making pancakes, they’re my favorite.”

“I thought they might be.” Grandma smiled at Sally.  “Go get your grandpa and we’ll eat.”

“Be careful little eyes what you see,” Grandpa sang as he walked into the kitchen.

“What are you singing Grandpa?”  Sally asked.

“It’s a song I learned when I was about your age.”  Grandpa put the flowers in a vase and set them on the table.

“Sing it to me Grandpa, please sing it to me.”  Sally pleaded.

Grandpa laughed.  “Do we have time for a song before breakfast Grandma?”  He asked.

“We always have time for a song,” Grandma said.

When the song was finished Sally asked, “Grandpa what does it mean to watch your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your hands and feet?”

“Well, when you are a Christian all those things belong to God.” Grandpa explained.  “You are the one who uses them, so it is your responsibility to use them wisely. You must take care not to look at things with your eyes, nor listen to things with your ears, nor say things with your mouth, nor do things with your hands, nor go places with your feet that will bring dishonor and shame to God.

All those things we have given to Him and they are not ours any more to do as we wish.  We must always watch to make sure we honor the Lord in the things we use them for.”

“Thank You, Grandpa.  I will always remember that.”

“Let’s eat now, breakfast is on the table.” Grandma said. Sally listened as Grandpa gave the blessing for the food. She knew this would be a good visit with her Grandparents on the farm.  She thanked the Lord for all His blessings.

MEMORY VERSE: “A good man out of the good treasure of the heart brings forth good things”  Matt. 12:35.

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