Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

One cool spring morning five-year-old Cindy asked her mother if she could go outside to play. The grass was still wet with dew from the night before. Mrs. Green told Cindy to wait for a while until the grass was dry. Cindy was very unhappy, she began to cry and make a fuss.

“Do you think you’re being nice to act the way you’re acting?” Mrs. Green asked her.

Cindy frowned and then turned around and walked into the other room. She sat on the couch for a while and thought about going outside.

“I don’t want to wait for a while, I want to go outside now. I think the grass is dry enough,” Cindy mumbled to herself. She walked into the bedroom where her mother was hanging some dresses in the closet.

“I want to go out and check. I think it is dry enough for me to go outside,” Cindy said to her mother.

Mrs. Green looked down at Cindy. “I was just outside, the grass is still too wet for you to be out.”

“I want to check it for myself, so I can see.”

“Come here dear,” Mrs. Green took Cindy by the hand and sat down on the bed. She pulled Cindy close to her so she could look into her face.

“Don’t you know that when you feel you need to check out something for yourself, you are really thinking the other person is not telling you the truth?”

Cindy ducked her head and didn’t say anything. She knew she shouldn’t act this way. She looked up at her mother. “I’m sorry, I want to go outside to play. I really believe you. I know you wouldn’t tell me something that’s not true. I just want to play outside.”

Mrs. Green hugged her daughter. “I know you do, but don’t you realize how it sounded when you asked to check for yourself.  You can hurt other people by the things you say. You should think about that and be more careful.”

“I will, I promise I will.” Cindy hugged her mom.

Mrs. Green stood to her feet and started toward the kitchen. “Come now, we’ll go into the kitchen and see if we can find some hot chocolate and marshmallows for a nice hot drink, while we wait for the grass to dry.”

“That sounds good!” Cindy said. She took her mother’s hand as they walked into the kitchen.

Memory Verse:
“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”
Matthew 5:9