Grandma’s Wishing Well

Tammy hurried along the grassy trail as fast as her small legs would carry her. “Wait!” She called to Julie Ann and Sarah. “Don’t go so fast, I can’t keep up.”

The two girls stopped and waited. Tammy wanted to go much slower, but as soon as she caught up with them, they started on at the same fast pace.

“My legs are small and I can’t walk as fast as you do.” She said, trying to explain why she had a problem keeping up.

“You’re just too little. You should have stayed at home like we wanted you to, but no, you wanted to tag along with us,” Julie Ann said. She turned and frowned at Tammy.

“I’m not too little. I wanted to go see Grandma too. I didn’t get to go the last time. If you’d slow down a little, then I could keep up.

“Oh whatever! Just try to keep up.”  Julie Ann didn’t even bother to look at Tammy as she spoke. “It’s not much farther.  We should see Grandma’s house just around the corner. We can walk slower now, and you’ll be able to keep up.” Sarah spoke in a soft voice. She gave Tammy a light pat on her shoulder.

Tammy smiled up at her older sister. She reached for Sarah’s hand and felt the gentle grip as Sarah’s fingers curled around her own. They walked along together, and soon they reached the front gate at Grandma’s house. Grandma was sitting on the front porch, and Tammy rushed ahead to give her a hug.

“Where is your wishing well, Grandma?” She asked as she hugged her.

“Oh, it’s still at the same place it was the last time you came.” Grandma laughed.

“May I go make a wish?”

“Yes, you know you may. Don’t you always make a wish when you come? Take off and make your wish. When you’re finished, I have fresh baked cookies, so hurry.” Grandma gave her an encouraging push in the direction of the wishing well.

Julie Ann and Sarah went inside with Grandma as Tammy headed off to make her wish. When she looked inside the well she was surprised to see so much money just lying there. She knew people always put money in a wishing well before making a wish, but she didn’t put money in the wishing well. Tammy’s secret was that she never made a wish at all. This was just a very special place where Tammy liked to talk to the Lord about things in her life.

Tammy closed her eyes.  She had something very important to ask the Lord today. She knew she must believe for her answer, her mother had often told her that. First she asked the Lord to give her more faith so she could believe for her answer. Then she took a deep breath and whispered. “Dear God, You know Julie Ann is unhappy because she stays angry all the time. It must be real hard to be twelve years old, so I want you to help her to be happy. She needs a kinder voice and a smile on her face. She looks ugly when she frowns. I love both of my sisters, but sometimes it’s hard to like Julie Ann. Help me, Lord to like her a lot more and could you make my legs grow so I can keep up better. I want to thank you for listening. Amen!”

She opened her eyes and as she turned to go she bumped head-on into Julie Ann. Tammy stepped back, startled. She looked at Julie Ann and saw that she was crying.

“What’s wrong, Julie Ann, did something happen?”

“It sure did,” Julie Ann smiled through the tears. “I got a good look at myself through the eyes of a little sister and I thank you for it. I didn’t know I was such an awful sister. Forgive me, I promise to do a lot better from now on. Come now, let’s go get some of those cookies”

Tammy hugged her sister. Boy, God sure answers some prayers real fast, she thought. She kept thinking about that while they ate cookies and milk in Grandma’s kitchen, and even as they walked home-at a much slower pace.

MEMORY VERSE: “Comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, . . .” 1 Thess. 5:11.