Carry On

If you are burdened down with sorrow,
Feeling all alone and sad;
Look at all the things around you,
They’ll lift you up and make you glad.

If your problems are like mountains,
Remember you are not alone;
The Lord is standing there beside you,
He’ll give you strength to carry on.

If your cross seems much to heavy,
Just bow your knee to Yah above,
He has said he will not leave you;
Let Him enfold you in His love.

You are safe in His protection,
Never doubt, nor fret, nor fear;
If you’ll trust Him, He will keep you;
When you need Him He is near.

Have you noticed how Yah loves us?
How He cares for us each day?
It seems He’s always sending blessings,
All the time, in every way.

We should always count our blessings,
Then try to help someone in need;
First we’re sowing, then we’re reaping,
And He multiplies the seed.

Mildred Eslick Garner