One cannot be converted and at the same time desire and approve of the works of the flesh. If we are truly converted, our desires have turned from having confidence in the works of the flesh to desiring and having confidence in the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The truly converted person’s focus will be on the fruit of the Holy Spirit and in developing a habit of replacing the works of the flesh with that fruit. When one is converted, his heart and mind is changed even though habits are still present. We, as the garden of God (Yahweh), must first stir up our ground so the seeds of righteousness can take root, so be patient. These seeds must be nurtured until they are grown up enough to produce fruit within us. Deliverance comes by sincere desire for righteousness. Our peace and joy come from the fruit of the Holy Spirit! Our desire should NOT be to partake of both good and evil for our victory comes from partaking of the fruit from the Tree of Life!