His Sovereign Will

Full redemption given,
The measure of Yah’s grace,
Reconciling unto Him,
Those of every race.

In His love and mercy,
Atonement made complete,
The veil of flesh has been rent,
That hid the mercy seat.

The Spirit of life given,
According to His plan,
To bring His body into one,
Thus form a perfect man.

A seed to bless all nations,
And reconcile through grace.
Those that once rejected Him
Will find in Him their place.

The restitution of all things,
It is Yah’s sovereign plan;
The love of Yah now flowing
In all the barren land.

Reaching every nation;
Restoring one and all.
The dead will rise in unison,
When they hear His call.

Mildred Eslick Garner

His Dwelling Place

By body seems so fragile;
It’s such a mystery,
That I’m fashioned as a temple
For you to dwell in me.

I want to be your temple,
And have you live in me.
Remember, I’m a temple, Lord,
For you eternally.

My house would be so empty,
If you were not inside.
I love to have you in my heart,
So, eternally abide.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Heaven’s Greatest Sacrifice

I thank you for the food we eat,
A soft clean bed on which I sleep.
I thank you that you’ve given me
A lovely country that is free.

I’m thankful for the bright sunlight,
The moon and stars that shine at night;
For my home and family, too,
The fields of flowers, and morning dew.

I’m thankful for your love and care,
And nature’s beauty that we share.
I thank you for the rod you bear;
And that your laws are just and fair.

I’m grateful for salvation’s plan;
Redemption for rebellious man,
And that you came and paid the price
With heaven’s greatest sacrifice.

I’m thankful for abundant grace,
That in your plan we share a place;
When you made your sovereign plan,
You were mindful of the mortal man.

So much you’ve given us each day,
It’s more than any man can say.
I thank you most because you’re there,
To hear a lowly sinner’s prayer.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Heaven’s Beneficiary

Yah shares with me His wisdom:
The secrets of His word.
But only through His Spirit,
Are these mysteries ever heard.

He’s working by His Spirit,
Through His mercy and His grace,
To create in us His image,
Then we shall see His face.

The fullness of His Measure,
Is the cherished hope we hold;
That by His power and Spirit,
He will change us and remold.

Until we are complete in Him,
And reflect His image true,
Then death, our greatest enemy,
He will conquer and subdue.

A hope that truly does excel,
Our dreams cannot expand
The mystery of His kingdom,
The blessed hope of man.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Heaven’s Art

Every hour of every day,
Your workmanship is on display;
In every thing I see your hand,
Your power I do not understand.

I stand in awe and worship Thee,
For all you’ve given unto to me;
For love and beauty everywhere,
The wonder of this whole sphere.

Mildred Eslick Garner

He Hears

When refreshing showers have been withheld,
And my spirit seems so dry,
I turn my face and heart toward Yah,
And unto him I cry.

He always hears and answers prayers,
If we make an earnest plea.
What we must do is knock and seek,
If you’ll try it, you will see.

Mildred Eslick Garner

He Chose It All

Yah chose the time Christ came to earth.
He chose the one that gave Him birth;
Someone to kiss away His tears,
And guide His steps through tender years.

He chose Gethsemane’s time of prayer,
And those who came to meet Him there;
The path that led to Calvary,
The pain, the scorn, the misery.

He chose the king that sat in power,
And chose the year, the month and hour,
That he would die upon the cross,
He knew the price, and counted cost.

Every step He took on earth,
From the day He came to birth,
Until His death, on Calvary,
He chose it all for you, and me.

Mildred Eslick Garner

He Cares

Sometimes our mountains seem too high,
And our rivers seem too wide.
Our path is steep and dreary,
When as vessels we are tried.

This is when we should look back
And draw strength from days gone by;
When water flowed from a mighty rock
And manna came down from the sky.

Or take courage from old Joshua,
Who had faith to stop the sun,
And suspended it in the western sky
Until his battle could be won.

When the Lord was here on earth,
He cast the demons into swine.
He walked upon the billows,
And turned water into wine.

If Yasha did those mighty works,
(There is evidence its true),
And He’s mindful of the sparrows,
He will surely keep us too.

He is the same; He has not changed.
He hears our prayers each day;
He’s that mindful of the sparrows,
Will answer when we pray.

He Has,
He can, & He will,
Answer our prayers.

Mildred Eslick Garner

He Can Penetrate the Darkness

When disappointment overwhelms me,
And my dreams are out of sight;
When all faces seem unfriendly,
And my noon-day is as night.

I remember Yahweh loves me;
He promised He would dwell inside,
And I have the Holy Spirit
As my comforter and guide.

The dark clouds start to vanish
As I turn my face to him.
Bright life-rays beam from heaven,
Restoring life’s energy and vim.

Then I long to tell this story
To souls that have not heard.
Light can penetrate our darkness,
The Bible is a Living Word.

Mildred Eslick Garner
11/11/ 04

Harvest Time

My Spirit yearns within me
to see His kingdom come,
When Yah will manifest Himself
In A many-membered son.

I know there is a true church;
Christ said His house would stand.
It has a sure foundation,
It stands at His command.

Yet we hear and see such mockery;
It makes us feel ashamed
The way the greedy impostors
Have blasphemed His name.

Christ said they would deceive us
If they could find a way,
And they have fooled the multitudes
That would not fast and pray.

That great revival’s over;
It has faded with the time,
And yet the seed was planted,
The fruit is on the vine.

The Husband keeps His Garden,
It is hidden now from view.
The garner will be filled at last,
When harvest time is through.

Mildred Eslick Garner
June 9 1993