Unseen Messengers of Love

I believe in holy angels,
That they appear on earth today;
When we earthlings get in trouble,
They are just a prayer away.

If you are an unbeliever,
You just might be surprised,
If you will ask the Lord in earnest,
For a pair of spiritual eyes.

There’s an unseen realm of splendor,
Filled with spirits that are pure;
I can’t see your spirit either,
But you have one, I am sure.

And the Bible speaks of angels,
An heavenly administration;
They go in and out among us,
Helping without observation.

Some people yet poke fun and laugh
At the things that we believe;
They think we’re surely foolish,
Or we’re trying to deceive.

I am thankful for the insight,
The heavenly realm that I can see;
I can enjoy heavenly things,
Now and through eternity.

If the Lord gave you the vision,
To see the glory I can see,
What a wondrous thing we’re sharing;
It’s nothing less than Jubilee.

Mildred Eslick Garner
December 23, 1999