The Word Made Manifest

The work of Yahweh’s creating process is progressive, through six successive days of creating, proceeding through all its stages from evening to morning, from growing darkness to growing light. Never does this process change. Always from night to day, and not from day to night. Just like the natural birth of man: first the babe, then the child, and then the full-grown adult and then that adult repeating the same process so is the seed planted in the ground, later sprouting out of the ground, and growing day by day into a full-grown plant to also produce. Constantly, in every aspect of nature this process is seen.

The same is true of our spiritual growth. There was a Word (seed) planted within our mind (impregnated) so that we would mull over (till the ground), and ponder on, producing thoughts and ideas that eventually we acted upon, thus producing an image. Thus, the image produced is solely isolated or limited to the amount of knowledge and spirit we possess, so the image, or god that is seen within our mind will also have bounds and limited to our perception. And however much we can comprehend and see determines our growth and what day of the Creation we may be on. Remember, first darkness than light, or confusion than understanding.

Once that seed is planted within our mind, we till the ground and the plant begins to grow within us. Before long, we are spiritually nourished by it, thus creating a desire for more and then we dig (study, search, seek), only to plant more seed, thus repeating the same process. Every seed we allow our Creator to plant within our mind causes a reaction on our part. As long as we are digging and tilling our ground, making it fertile, the more we will produce and the more we will react.

Look who is planting the seed: we till the ground He plants the seed, thus whatever thoughts come forth we have to have wisdom (God given wisdom=hence, light) to discern a course of action. The more light (wisdom) we have, the more is seen, not only within ourselves, but also by others. This is the deciding factor of the day in which one may be.