By Billie Hammers

Moses was a mighty leader of the people. He taught the children of Israel about serving Yahweh (God). He told them Yahweh loved them and would keep them in his care if they would listen and obey the rules that he gave to them.

Yahweh knew the things that would make his people sad and unhealthy. He wanted His people to be happy, healthy and prosperous.

Moses taught the people to love Yahweh more than anyone or anything. They were to always put their relationship with Yahweh first in their hearts, and never let anyone or anything come before him in their lives.  He told them to love and care for each other, and never tell lies, especially about each other.

Moses told them that it was wrong to be jealous of what someone else had. They were to be glad for the other person and rejoice with them for what they had. They were to be thankful in all things. They must never steal, or take anything that didn’t belong to them. He told them it was wrong to take the life of another person. Yahweh did not want his people to kill each other. They should never be angry or let hatred enter into their heart.

When Yahweh made the world and all the things in it that has life, he set aside the seventh day as a day for rest. Yahweh called the seventh day the “Sabbath”. Moses taught Yahweh’s people to always keep the Sabbath day Holy. On the Sabbath they were to rest their bodies and give thanks to Yahweh for his love and care for his people.

Another thing Moses taught the people was to honor and obey their parents. They were to respect their mother and father. They were to be polite and courteous, showing kindness to those around them.

All the things Moses taught Yahweh’s people, Yahweh wants his people to remember and do them even at this present time. The reason Yahweh gave the laws to the people in the first place was because he knew they would help them to live full and happy lives. If we want to be happy and healthy we must live by Yahweh’s laws. They are laws of love and are not hard to follow. They are made for us, to help us understand what it takes for a full and happy life.

Moses led the people to the land that Yahweh had promised to them. While they were on their journey through the wilderness Moses asked Yahweh to give them food, because the people were complaining to Moses about being hungry. Yahweh gave them food from heaven. This food was called manna. The people gathered the manna each day to eat. Moses told them not to keep it overnight because it would spoil.

They were not to gather food on the Sabbath, so the day before the Sabbath, they were allowed to gather twice as much and keep the manna overnight and it would stay good to eat on the Sabbath.

Moses was a true leader of Yahweh’s people. He taught them about the love and care that Yahweh will always have for His people.

Yahweh wants leaders to teach and guide his people. To tell the people about his love and care for them. He wants them to be well and happy.

Do you think you would like to be a leader for Yahweh, and tell people about the love and care that Yahweh has for us?



If you love me keep my commandments.

John 14:15


By Billie Hammers

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, in a far-off land there lived someone with a kind and gentle heart that loved and served the God Yahweh. This man’s name was called Yasha, which means Savior in the Hebrew language. He was the son of Yahweh, whom Yahweh had sent into the world.  Yasha came to tell the people about His Father’s love for them.

One day, as Yasha was traveling through the desert and speaking to the people about Yahweh, there came a large crowd to hear him. Now remember, I told you this was a long time ago, and back then they didn’t have fast-food places, like McDonald’s, as we have today. They were not near a place where they could get food to eat.

As the day passed, the people became hungry and they wanted something to eat. Yasha’s friends, whom we call disciples, told him the people were hungry, and it was past the time to eat. They asked him to send the people away so they could go into the town and buy some food.

Yasha told his disciples that the people didn’t need to leave. He told them to feed the people. But they didn’t have enough food for everyone. There were only five loaves of bread and two fish to feed thousands of people.

Yasha told the disciples to bring the bread and fish to him. He asked the large crowd of people to sit down on the grass. Then he took the bread and fish in his hands and looked toward heaven and asked Yahweh to bless the food. As he broke the bread into pieces, he told the disciples to give it to the people. The disciples did as Yasha told them to do, and everyone ate until they were full.

Yasha told the disciples to gather up all that was leftover. When all the food was gathered up, there were twelve baskets of food. Yasha had fed five thousand men, plus women and children.

The story you have just read is from the Bible. It was written many years ago in the book of Matthew in chapter14 verses 13-21. You can look in your Bible and read this story.

The Bible is the word of our God “Yahweh.” He gave the Bible to the whole world. It records the progress of man from the time of creation and his plans for mankind.

The Bible is Yahweh’s instructions to the people, so they will know how to live full and happy lives. It tells us about Yahweh’s love and care for mankind.

If you learn to let Yahweh direct your life, by reading and studying his word, you can live a full and happy life and help others to do the same.


Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their father.  Matthew 13:43


A Lofty Goal

I Love you Lord; I surely do,
And I know you love me too.
When I reach out to touch your robe,
Your hand comes down to take my load.

I’ll follow you down life’s long path,
Until I’ve reached my goal at last.
The Bible says I’ll be like you;
I’ve tried the Word and know it’s true.

I thank you that this truth is mine;
I’ll toe each precept to the line.
I’ll walk with you my journey through,
And abide until I’m just like you.

This truth, My Lord, I would not miss,
It turned my sadness into bliss.
A brilliant star shines in my night,
To make each day a sheer delight.

Mildred Eslick Garner

A Guide For Parents

Have a little faith, have a little trust,

Have a lot of love,

For love is a must

Speak to them firmly, but always be kind.

Strive to be consistent

All of the time.

Demand high performance, praise when it’s due.

Set a fine example,

They’re watching you.

Teach them moderation and how to curb their lust,

But love is the vital thing,

Love is a must.


 Mildred Eslick Garner


A Father’s Prayer

There’s little feet that follow me,

And eyes watching night and day.

There’s little voices echoing   

What I act out and say. 

There’s little children planning

To someday be like me.

Oh, Gracious Father, give me strength

To be what I should be.


I am the center of their world,

The wisest of the wise.

I am a monarch model,

A hero in their eyes.


Let me rule with peace and love,

With bold integrity.

Help me manifest in deed

What you want them to be.


If I should falter in my walk,

Then they will have to pay.

I only have one time to try,

Oh Yah, show me the way.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Spiritual Warfare

Brenda Mitchell

I was listening to my oldest son sharing the hardships of working with a man that avoided his responsibilities and created discord in the workplace. He had one rule for himself and another for his fellow employees, which caused my son to feel desperate for relief.

My son went on and talked about how the house next to him had new tenants with a dog that barked at him every time he walked into his backyard. He had just built a gazebo and had the yard where he could enjoy the early morning fresh air. After a few mornings of the dog barking and the owner yelling at the dog, he set his mind to figure a way to get the dog to stop barking at him.

The next morning, he brought dog treats out with him. There was a knot hole in their privacy fence, so when the dog started barking at him he pushed the dog treat through the hole and the dog took it and went on about his business. He wanted him to know that he wasn’t the enemy. Now he keeps dog treats close by just in case the dog forgets. He is now enjoying the quiet mornings under his new gazebo.

I began to think about the problem he had with his fellow worker. I thought, since he was smart enough and caring enough to seek a solution for his problem with the dog, how much greater importance it is to seek a solution to the problem with this man. Which, I’m sure my son is caring enough and spiritually mature enough to seek a solution so they both might enjoy the workplace.

When confronted with such situations, we all should pray for wisdom and ponder ways to enlighten those bound in darkness. Our greatest trials involve people outside of our immediate family. Our only effective weapons of warfare are the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is hard on the flesh when we are in spiritual warfare with those around us.

Using the armor of the Lord to solve problems with self-centered bullies, liars, and thieves, seem useless to the carnal mind, but yet scriptures tell us they are the weapons of our spiritual warfare.

We could ask ourselves, what are we most influenced by when we are under stress and unenlightened. We would answer, kindness and patience in preference to rudeness and rejection. Being a light in a dark place requires us to “become” light. To become light requires us to enlighten ourselves in the ways of kindness, patience, love, etc., and to put on the mind of Christ for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

The carnal mind seems to believe that one has the principles of the Holy Spirit readily available, but only when “it” (their carnal reasoning) deems them deserving.  The problem with the carnal mind is that it “cannot” comprehend the value or strength of the fruit of the Holy Spirit; therefore, its idea of good and right is based on self-love, which depends on how it affects self. When self is considered above another person’s spiritual need, then both are in darkness. The only weapons of spiritual warfare that are effective against the adversary of our souls are the fruits of righteousness.

Positive Truth

Focus on the positive and truth will set you free are statements we hear a lot to encourage us in the right direction. With COVID-19 and it being an election year, I have found myself with much more time to listen to the media where mixed information is flowing out, some true and some false. Through fear, ignorance, and downright love for chaos and drama, we see statements thrown out as fact that are causing much confusion. There is no sense of peace where confusion rules. Truth, good or bad, is very important to know if we want to make America a peaceful and productive place. It is for lack of knowledge that people are in chaos and need.

If we want to make a positive difference in our country, we must take the time to learn the truth from the source and go to the root of the matter. Truth needs to have all its components before one can feel a sense of reality in it. If it insults common sense, we know more information is necessary and we should not pass it along as fact.

Christians represent truth in the minds of many people; therefore, it is vital that Christians do not seek truth from a translation of those who follow their carnal reasoning. Where much is known, much is required, so if Christians don’t check facts they will be a part of the confusion. They should learn truth just as they do when learning the truth in Scripture, i.e. search, prove, pray, and then they will know how, when, and where to share that truth. Truth is not a person that we are to follow and defend. Truth is a foundation that releases the opportunity to grow, develop, improve, and build hope.

True Christians must focus on the “spirit of” the word; this is where spiritual warfare lies. This is where good and evil transfer one from another. This is where a country or person can fall into despair and want or rise to optimism and greatness. This is our responsibility as Christians. It is tiring to go against the flow of confusion, but necessary if we hope to see positive change.

A Christian’s weapons of warfare are totally different from the weapons used by those that cater to the works of the flesh governed by their carnal reasoning. So let us not be lenient when it comes to research for truth, good or bad, that is coming out of the mouths of our leaders and their followers. Some may really be telling a lie or they may be telling a truth taken out of context. They may say something we don’t understand or something we don’t like. Through it all, truth is the best starting point for finding solutions and revealing hope.