Positive Truth

Focus on the positive and truth will set you free are statements we hear a lot to encourage us in the right direction. With COVID-19 and it being an election year, I have found myself with much more time to listen to the media where mixed information is flowing out, some true and some false. Through fear, ignorance, and downright love for chaos and drama, we see statements thrown out as fact that are causing much confusion. There is no sense of peace where confusion rules. Truth, good or bad, is very important to know if we want to make America a peaceful and productive place. It is for lack of knowledge that people are in chaos and need.

If we want to make a positive difference in our country, we must take the time to learn the truth from the source and go to the root of the matter. Truth needs to have all its components before one can feel a sense of reality in it. If it insults common sense, we know more information is necessary and we should not pass it along as fact.

Christians represent truth in the minds of many people; therefore, it is vital that Christians do not seek truth from a translation of those who follow their carnal reasoning. Where much is known, much is required, so if Christians don’t check facts they will be a part of the confusion. They should learn truth just as they do when learning the truth in Scripture, i.e. search, prove, pray, and then they will know how, when, and where to share that truth. Truth is not a person that we are to follow and defend. Truth is a foundation that releases the opportunity to grow, develop, improve, and build hope.

True Christians must focus on the “spirit of” the word; this is where spiritual warfare lies. This is where good and evil transfer one from another. This is where a country or person can fall into despair and want or rise to optimism and greatness. This is our responsibility as Christians. It is tiring to go against the flow of confusion, but necessary if we hope to see positive change.

A Christian’s weapons of warfare are totally different from the weapons used by those that cater to the works of the flesh governed by their carnal reasoning. So let us not be lenient when it comes to research for truth, good or bad, that is coming out of the mouths of our leaders and their followers. Some may really be telling a lie or they may be telling a truth taken out of context. They may say something we don’t understand or something we don’t like. Through it all, truth is the best starting point for finding solutions and revealing hope.