By Billie Hammers

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, in a far-off land there lived someone with a kind and gentle heart that loved and served the God Yahweh. This man’s name was called Yasha, which means Savior in the Hebrew language. He was the son of Yahweh, whom Yahweh had sent into the world.  Yasha came to tell the people about His Father’s love for them.

One day, as Yasha was traveling through the desert and speaking to the people about Yahweh, there came a large crowd to hear him. Now remember, I told you this was a long time ago, and back then they didn’t have fast-food places, like McDonald’s, as we have today. They were not near a place where they could get food to eat.

As the day passed, the people became hungry and they wanted something to eat. Yasha’s friends, whom we call disciples, told him the people were hungry, and it was past the time to eat. They asked him to send the people away so they could go into the town and buy some food.

Yasha told his disciples that the people didn’t need to leave. He told them to feed the people. But they didn’t have enough food for everyone. There were only five loaves of bread and two fish to feed thousands of people.

Yasha told the disciples to bring the bread and fish to him. He asked the large crowd of people to sit down on the grass. Then he took the bread and fish in his hands and looked toward heaven and asked Yahweh to bless the food. As he broke the bread into pieces, he told the disciples to give it to the people. The disciples did as Yasha told them to do, and everyone ate until they were full.

Yasha told the disciples to gather up all that was leftover. When all the food was gathered up, there were twelve baskets of food. Yasha had fed five thousand men, plus women and children.

The story you have just read is from the Bible. It was written many years ago in the book of Matthew in chapter14 verses 13-21. You can look in your Bible and read this story.

The Bible is the word of our God “Yahweh.” He gave the Bible to the whole world. It records the progress of man from the time of creation and his plans for mankind.

The Bible is Yahweh’s instructions to the people, so they will know how to live full and happy lives. It tells us about Yahweh’s love and care for mankind.

If you learn to let Yahweh direct your life, by reading and studying his word, you can live a full and happy life and help others to do the same.


Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their father.  Matthew 13:43