Yahweh is used in the place of our GOD for better understanding when other gods are part of the lesson.

Read 1 Cor. 15:51-53, Romans 12:2,  Matthew 16:27-17:2 and Mark 9:1-3 to find the answers to the questions below.

The word transformed, in Romans 2, is from metamorphosis, which is the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.

1.  How was the Kingdom of Yahweh to come?

2.  Where was the Kingdom of Yahweh to come?

3.  Where did Christ, Peter, James and John go after the six days?

4.  What happened to Christ?

5.  What happened to Christ’s clothing?

6.  What does “fuller” mean?

7.  What two Old Testament patriarchs appeared with Christ?

8.  What were the two patriarchs doing?

9.  Why did Peter think it was good for him and the other two apostles to be there?

10.  How did the apostles react to this situation?

11.  How long did the Lord ask the disciples to keep these things secret?

12.  What do you think prompted the disciples to ask Christ about the coming of Elijah? 13.  Who were the scribes?

15.  What was Elijah supposed to do when he came?

16.  When did the Savior say Elijah would come?

17.  What is the difference between Elijah and Elias?

18.  When Christ, Peter, James and John rejoined the other disciples, who was with them?

19.  Who was questioning the disciples?

20.  How did the people react when they saw Christ?