Titus Chapter One

  1. What two things did Paul say he was to Yahweh (GOD)?

  2. What was Yahweh’s promise before the world began?

  3. In what way is Yahweh’s word made manifest?

  4. Since Paul had never married, what did he mean when he said, “Titus mine own son”?

  5. Why did Paul leave Titus in the town of Crete?

  6. What 15 things are required of a bishop?

  7. What does “bishop” mean?

  8. What does Luke 12:48 and Matthew 7:26-27 say in connection to a bishop?

  9. Paul said there were many unruly, vain talkers and deceivers.  Give the meaning of each of the words below (from the Strong’s Concordance if possible).

    1. Unruly,

    2. Vain talkers,

    3. Deceivers,

  10.  Whose mouths did Paul say needed to be stopped because they subverted (overturned) whole houses?

  11.  Paul told Titus to rebuke sharply the Cretians who were liars and evil. Give the meaning of “rebuke sharply.”

  12. What was to be the effect of rebuking them?

  13. What are some “fables” people connect to Christianity today that in reality do not have a true spiritual connection at all?

  14. What were some of the commandments of men that turned the people from the truth? 1 Tim. 4:3:

  15. What is a reprobate mind?