Titus Chapter Three

  1. What instructions were given to encourage the people to be good Christian examples?

  2. In what way did the SAVIOR appear unto the Christians?

  3. Why does the SAVIOR save any person?

  4. How does the SAVIOR save people?

  5. Verse 7 tells us that we are made right by the “grace” of Jesus Christ.  What does the word “grace” mean?

  6. Is this grace shed on “all” people or only those who ask?

  7. In verse 9, what 4 things did Paul say to avoid?

  8. Why did Paul say to avoid the things in verse 9?

  9. What should be done with a divisive, disruptive person?

  10.  What is to “admonish”?

  11.  According to Paul, why would a man be a heretic (disruptive person)?

  12.  What did Paul ask from the people in Zenas and Apollos’ behalf?

  13.  What was Zenas’ profession?