Yahweh’s Mysteries are Hidden

The mysteries of Yahweh are hidden
From those that are blinded by sin,
But there are those that are climbing,
And unto the heavens ascend.

Some, though, have never risen
Above the beast nature’s desire.
Bound to that realm by lust and greed,
They’re bound in earth’s muck and mire.

Some have created their own god;
He’s like the men of this realm,
Their god has an animal nature,
And he has no power to save them.

But the portals of heaven are open
To those that have eyes to see,
Their ears have heard the great secrets,
The long hidden mystery.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Why Mama?

“May I help you, Mama?” Little Susie said,
As she clasped her chubby hands, and tossed her tiny head.
“Not right now,” her mother said, “you must go out and play,
Mama is so busy, dear; you’ll just get in my way.”

“Mama, let me help you; please Mother, let me try.”
“But I don’t need you, Susie, go now, and don’t you cry.”
“Mama, now that I am eight, I’m tall and grown up, see!
May I help you in the kitchen, so you can talk with me”

“Not now, I’m in a hurry; there is a matinee at two,
I’ll try to plan a day next week to spend some time with you.”
“Mama, I am older now, I am twelve years old and past;
I’m glad to be grown up, so I can work with you, at last.”

“Sue, you don’t know how to help, and I must rush, you know,
The ladies’ club meets tonight and I’m compelled to go.”
“Oh, where on earth could Susie be? It must be almost three;
She’s never left this house before without consulting me.

Susie’s but a little girl, she’ll be sixteen come May;
We’ve always been so good to her, why did she run away?
We bought the things she wanted, and gave her freedom too;
She always had the liberty to choose what she would do.

This note, I found upstairs, just now, ‘I’ve gone away with Jim,
Jim loves me, Mom; he cares for me, and I can talk to him.’
Oh, where on earth did I go wrong? Who is this awful man?
And why our darling left with him, I just can’t understand!”

Mildred Eslick Garner

We’re Not Without a Chart

We’re in the world, but surely not a part,
To be, is not the wisdom of the wise.
If we see, truth has opened our blind eyes.
We must seek wisdom with an unbiased heart;
We are pilgrims, but not without a chart.

We do not need to wonder, nor surmise;
Only those who seek wisdom, gets the prize.
He helps us see, but we must do our part.
We look at the footprints carved in time,
And attempt to grasp the promises ahead.

Glorying only in the blood that Yasha shed,
And search for oil so that our light will shine.
Wisdom bids us, hear and heed his call,
And trust until he becomes our all in all.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Trumpet Time

Yahweh’s trumpet now is sounding,
Calling us today;
The shepherd’s voice is pleading
With those who’s lost their way.

No soul will be rejected;
This call goes out to thee.
The feast is prepared and waiting,
It is heaven’s Jubilee.

The path of Yah leads upward;
It is a narrow road.
He walks the path beside us,
To help is bear our load.

He calls to wayfaring pilgrims,
And takes them by the hand,
To help them get past Jordan,
Into the Promised Land.

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Mystery Revealed

The hidden mystery revealed today,
Of Yah’s great purpose for this clay,
Formed so unique with loving skill,
His love and mercy to reveal.

Born unto death, but now we see
That through that death came victory;
For one who entered it’s domain,
Has conquered death and now He reigns.

And made a way through death for all
Who died with Adam in his fall.
We’re thankful for this ray of light,
To guide our steps through darkest night.

By faith we walk, I’m sure that’s true,
But then we have His Spirit too;
To overcome all doubt and fear,
To bless our pilgrim journey here.

To His Spirit our minds must sway,
And reject the dogmas of our day;
Taught by the religious sects and school,
With theory creed, and man-made rule.

Because you’re living in our heart,
We know your will, and love the part,
That we’ve been given in your plan,
To reinstate the mortal man.

This flesh, the veil, obscuring sight,
Has now been rent, and there is light;
Revealing secrets of your throne,
And to your firstborn you are known.

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Lord of Glory

Gracious is our Sovereign God;
He is mindful of our need.
He will supply abundantly,
If we listen and take heed.

We are dependent on Him
For our life and breath.
He is the Lord of Glory
And holds the keys of death.

He magnified the laws of life,
And writes them in our heart,
Starts us down life’s pathway;
Gives us a brand new start.

The law of life does not waver;
He did not speak in vain.
If we defy its principle,
Then we’re the one to blame.

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Higher Way

When I started on life’s journey,
To find my soul’s sweet rest,
My path was strewn with roses,
My heart was filled with zest.

The way was marked before me,
I didn’t have a care.
God’s great love enfolded me,
His sweetness filled the air.

My path went through a valley,
Filled with plush fields of green.
On through a fruitful orchard,
And by a lovely dancing stream.

Then suddenly without warning,
The path seemed hard to find,
It led me from the valley’s wealth,
Up through a steep incline.

Each step became more difficult,
And very hard to make.
It was the only route I found,
To reach the master’s gate.

I climbed the mountain slowly;
My joints throbbed with pain.
Storm clouds gathered overhead,
Then came the pounding rain.

Even with the obstacles,
My goal I would pursue.
The storm gave way to silence;
My mountain came in view.

When finally on the mountain top,
I paused to catch my breath,
And saw my path descending
Through a valley filled with death.

Descending down the mountain slope,
A north wind starts to blow.
The sky was overcast with clouds,
The air was thick with snow.

The mountain steep and treacherous,
The storm turned day to night,
I stumbled on rock’s sharp edges,
Without a ray of light.

I cried, “Have you forsaken me?
Did you leave me on the way?
Am I cast down forever,
Have I somehow gone astray?

Have you never heard me weeping?
Have you not heard my cry?
The fruit trees have all withered
And the fountain has run dry.”

Suddenly out of my darkness
I heard His wisdom speak,
“I carved this rugged pathway
With bruised and bleeding feet.

I did not lead you in my steps
To hear you moan and cry,
If you desire to reign with me,
Your carnal will must die.

If you would follow in my steps,
And share my cross with me,
You must go through my garden too,
And on to Calvary.”

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Hidden Thorns

There are hidden thorns in a rose garden,
That’s unseen by the human eye,
But the beauty of the rose is enticing
To the strangers passing by.

The thorn is attached to the rose stem,
And the stem is attached to the rose;
Both beauty and fragrance are noticeable,
But the thorn is seldom disclosed.

There is a measure of pain in loving,
That its beauty compels us to share;
Sorrow is a part of loving,
And true love has a cross we must bear.

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Hidden Pathway

Life is a hidden path,
We must find it every day.
Sometimes thorns, and sometimes roses,
Are strewn along the rugged way.

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Greatest Risk

There is a risk in walking,
But it’s is a greater risk to run.
It’s a risk to tell your secrets,
To your friends or anyone.

It is a risk to start a business;
There is a chance that it could flop.
There is a chance in daily living,
But a greater one to stop.

Mildred Eslick Garner