The Greatest Mystery

We probe, we search, yet none can say
What purpose for this sinful clay.
Formed, each unique, with wondrous skill,
A destination to fulfill.

All that lives succumbs to death;
None can restrain his fleeing breath,
And never one returns to tell
What waits for us behind the veil.

In darkness, stumbling on our way,
We seek for light, yet not a ray.
Oh give us faith, if not clear sight,
To help dispel this awful night.

Though obvious lack, turmoil and fear,
That serves to plague our journey here.
We seek to read the message clear,
And to embrace the grand sphere.

With awesome fear, our mind doth sway,
To grasp the dogma of our day,
Of the sectarian creed of religious schools,
Impelled by theory and senseless rules.

Oh may we know you as Thou art,
And why we are and what’s the part
That we fulfill in such great plan,
The vast design for mortal man.

Why this veil destroying sight?
Would you command that there be light?
Oh let the light shine from your throne,
Reveal to us the great unknown

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Grand Object

Love is the grand object
Of all of our quest,
And we’re searching daily
With vim and with zest.

But there’s trouble in finding,
If we don’t think to look,
To find our grand object
In the little black book.

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Gospel According to You

A hundred years or more from now,
After your time is through;
What if someone wrote your philosophy,
The gospel according to you.

And every man would read the book,
And in their heart pursue
The guidelines of your teaching,
The Gospel according to you.

Would it create a prosperous environment?
Would folks be honest and true?
Would it improve the civilization,
The Gospel according to you?

It is not the faith you are professing,
But its things you actually do;
Your actions and the life you live,
Is the gospel according to you.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Yahweh does not have a greater enemy than the Christian that refuses to name sin and oppose it.  I surmise the constant ticking of the clocks served to remind our fore-parents how fast time was passing, then I wondered if soundless clocks are the blessing they appear to be.

Wife: Why do you continuously tell me how I should live,
yet you never want anyone to give you advice?
Husband: Didn’t you say the Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive?

The Chill of Rejection

I see Him, as he bears His cross;
The wood is rough, His shoulders’ sore.
I see the faltering of his steps,
As pressure multiplies the more.

I hear the cracking of the whip,
And see the red whelps turning blue.
I see the thorns that pricked His scalp,
As the blood came oozing through.

The soldier stoops to drive the spikes,
First in His feet, and then a hand.
The cruelty displayed there that day,
Was more than finite man can stand.

But yet the greatest pain He bore,
Came from love’s greatest reflection,
To love His own enough to die,
Then to feel their cold rejection.

I shudder at such callousness;
They turned their back and walked away,
But if you’ve turned your back on Him,
You’re just as guilty now, as they.

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Call

Oh Shepherds of Israel,
You Savior of men.
Go out to my lost sheep,
And gather them in.

So many have strayed
From the true shepherd’s fold;
They are lost in the darkness,
In the long winter’s cold.

The hireling has sheared them,
For his own selfish gain;
As sheep for the slaughter,
My sheep have been slain.

Lift up your voice, cry in the night;
They will hear the true Shepherd’s call.
Cry in the wilderness for those that are there,
Search till you find them all.

Mildred Eslick Garner

Our Great Benefactor

Oh what peace and great contentment
The Spirit will impart,
When we open wide our spirit’s door,
And welcome Him into our heart.

We often bear a needless cross,
And suffer too, to no avail.
We fret and worry, sometimes feud;
We strive with might, and yet we fail.

But when we yield our hearts to Him,
Give Him preeminence in our life,
He leads us in the ways of peace,
And lifts us up above the strife.

He heals our wounds, our aches and pains,
And comforts us when we are sad.
He feeds our hungry spirit too;
I’ve let Him in, and I am glad.

My Dear Devoted Servant

It’s told around, I hope it’s true,
That you’ve become my servant too.
They say you serve me every hour,
And do not waste your time in prayer.
That in my strength you put your trust,
That I might satisfy your lust.

No time for church, you have to spare;
You’ve laid your Bible back with care.
I hear you labor hard each day,
Until your strength gives away.
And when you have no strength to stand,
You lay and dream, and wish and plan.

And every day you hear Yah’s call,
But pay no heed to Him at all.
And when you saw the fields were white,
You turned away from such a sight.
You gave your life and soul to me,
I’m just as thrilled as I can be.

But do you fully understand,
The covenant that I make with man?
I have no power beyond the grave,
My servant’s life I cannot save.
But judgment day is so far ahead,
You have no cause to fear or dread.

Just live your life from day to day;
Life’s treasures at your feet I’ll lay.
It’s here and now I give my pay,
I cannot be there judgment day.
But if in Yah you put your trust,
He will condemn your greed and lust.

A sacrifice, His law demands,
Everything at His command.
I’m just as thrilled as I can be,
That you gave all to follow me.
Good health I cannot give to you,
The gifts I have are very few.

They are temporal, so they shall decay,
Material things will pass away.
Your lust, I’ll try to satisfy,
Until it comes your time to die.
Then as you face Yah on that day,
Powerless, I shall fade away.
Your God, Mammon

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one,
and love the other, or else he will hold to one, and despise the other.
Ye cannot serve God and mammon (wealth, riches, money)”. Matthew 6:24

Make Time for Prayer

My heart is filled with expectation,
The Spirit’s warm glow fills the air.
Stirring every cell and fiber,
When I seek in fervent prayer.

I watch in awe as mountains tumble,
I see Him calm the troubled sea;
Deep within my spirit worships,
That bleeding Lamb from Galilee.

We’re plagued with trials and tribulations;
Our cross is more than we can bear.
The heartaches seem to multiply,
When we take no time for prayer.

Love’s Sweet Melody


Love’s sweet melody is the music of the heart’s song,
A balled every creature longs to croon.
Some folks have the tune and not the lyrics,
And others have the lyrics, not the tune.

If you ever get the melody and lyrics,
Then you may go crooning right along,
But if you never get the two of these together,
The road of life will seem awful rough and long.

Life’s Magic Secret

If we take some time for sharing,
With some person that’s in need;
We will find life’s magic secret,
When we do a golden deed.

If we bear another’s burden,
Go an extra mile or two;
We will find in blessing others,
We will get a blessing too.