A Childs Prayer


Here, a little child, I stand,
In praise to you, I lift my hand.
Weak and small my hands may be,
Yet they lift my soul to thee.

Keep my body and soul clean,
And show me when I’m being mean.
I must be good and honest too,
So I can show my love for you.

A Cherished Hope

Thou, the Word that liveth,
Holy truth divine,
The source of living water,
Man’s cherished hope sublime.

Through whom the door was opened,
A Word that knows no creed.
Teach me how to serve you
In every thought and deed.

Let me come unto your garden,
And taste your fruit once more.
Lead me to life’s fountain
and through the open door.

Mildred Eslick Garner
December 23, 1995

A Better Path


How meaningless my fruitless life;
how dreary were my sunless days,
until my Savior intervened
and filled my soul with heaven’s rays.

Laden down with cares, not mine;
wandering in a wilderness,
until the truth from heaven shined
and gave me hope in my distress.

I see a narrow pathway marked,
ascending up a mountain side.
My walk is straight, my feet are sure,
I have my Savior as my guide.

November 7, 1994

A Battle is Raging

Take up your armor, Saints of Yah;
There’s a battle to be won.
Raise up a standard, lift it high;
A cruel war has now begun.

Walk softly on the battlefield,
Where angels dare not tread.
This conflict is a spiritual one,
Where blood should not be shed.

Satan has devised a technique;
He wants control of your child’s mind;
By lowering moral standards,
And promoting the unrefined.

They’ve enlisted wicked spirits,
And they intend to take command.
The fruit of our wombs are vulnerable,
And the battle is in our land.

Mildred Eslick Garner
December1, 1999