A Lofty Goal

I Love you Lord; I surely do,
And I know you love me too.
When I reach out to touch your robe,
Your hand comes down to take my load.

I’ll follow you down life’s long path,
Until I’ve reached my goal at last.
The Bible says I’ll be like you;
I’ve tried the Word and know it’s true.

I thank you that this truth is mine;
I’ll toe each precept to the line.
I’ll walk with you my journey through,
And abide until I’m just like you.

This truth, My Lord, I would not miss,
It turned my sadness into bliss.
A brilliant star shines in my night,
To make each day a sheer delight.

Mildred Eslick Garner

A Guide For Parents

Have a little faith, have a little trust,

Have a lot of love,

For love is a must

Speak to them firmly, but always be kind.

Strive to be consistent

All of the time.

Demand high performance, praise when it’s due.

Set a fine example,

They’re watching you.

Teach them moderation and how to curb their lust,

But love is the vital thing,

Love is a must.


 Mildred Eslick Garner


A Father’s Prayer

There’s little feet that follow me,

And eyes watching night and day.

There’s little voices echoing   

What I act out and say. 

There’s little children planning

To someday be like me.

Oh, Gracious Father, give me strength

To be what I should be.


I am the center of their world,

The wisest of the wise.

I am a monarch model,

A hero in their eyes.


Let me rule with peace and love,

With bold integrity.

Help me manifest in deed

What you want them to be.


If I should falter in my walk,

Then they will have to pay.

I only have one time to try,

Oh Yah, show me the way.

Mildred Eslick Garner